how do i check if Motherboard has been changed or not on my phone?

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I have given my device for services and they updated motherboard needs to be replaced and that is in progress one side.

I have 2 questions. Now, when I collect my device in service center:

1) How do I check if Motherboard has been changed or not on my phone ?

2) How do I find the replaced Motherboard is brand new and original ?


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    I would probably say the Serial Number Settings - System - About phone - Status is probably you will find anything nearest relating to your device.

  • @ronald1985 thank you, can you be specific for the second question !

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    The serial number should be a sticker on the back of your phone. But you should be able to find it in the package the phone arrived in.

    While I cannot answer your question specifically, please may I ask why do you want to know? Surely, if the problem happens again, then you will need to get it replaced again. It really a win win situation for you while in warranty period. Only downside is the wait and delay due to the pandemic.

  • You can find serial number / imei on your purchase/order invoice or on Phone box.

    As far as new/old, you can try to register the device under your asus account on asus's website. If it's a success and considering asus have implemented "duplicate serial no. Check" (hopefully) then its safe to assume this device/motherboard was not registered before.

    But it may happen that if it's used/2nd hand board then original user may not have registered device during initial phone setup.

    Lot's of if and buts.

  • Also one thing you can do is, ask service center for warranty of spare parts (motherboard in your case) if its salvaged / not new they will hesitate on sharing the details.

    Also make sure job sheet/service receipt has new motherboard / spare part and their IDs/SN number mentioned. If not then ask them to do so, if they hesitate then you got them.

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    Thanks a lot @shreyashshah16 , got clear picture on how to handle now. I have one more question, I think you can advise me better on this. ☺️

    Here the case is motherboard replacement, due to heat and power issue. I purchased the mobile in Jan 2020. The current issue was occurred / noticed in October. Now, I gave for service and everything is in progress. Additionally, they are providing me 3 months warranty because of this issue and due to delay in service.

    The question is : Should I demand for 1 year warranty as it is new motherboard (its kind of new mobile) or should accept this 3 months extended warranty happily.

  • Usually anything you don't pay for under original warranty retains the warranty due date (of original warranty).

    In simpler terms: this motherboard in theory should have warranty AT LEAST till last of 1 year from date of purchase. So as per original warranty.

    Now if I understood you correctly, they are offering you 3months EXTENDED warranty, so original 1yr warranty + extra 3 months after it ends. Right? Then you have good deal. But you may want to consult with asus customer care about replacement part and their corresponding warranty.

  • Any repairs/spare part/replacement done under warranty should ideally in theory abide by original warranty and its due date.

    If they are offering you extra 3 months then its good deal.

    Remember if you had get it repaired out warranty and paid for service, then you may have got different warranty duration.

    But I'll suggest check with asus customer care, on chat /mail not on call, so that you have visual proof about the details. Ask them about replacement / spare parts warranty covered both in and out of warranty.

    Though I don't see them offering extra 1 year of warranty.

    It all boils down to those "3" months are due to Oct-Dec pending repair or standard 3 month warranty on all repairs/replacements.

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