Screen Recorder needs better optimization.

CravenCraven Level 3
edited January 2021 in ROG Phone 3

Hey Mods, the screen recorder is so bad! The recording widget is too big and just adds to the clutter on my HUD, i requested an option to hide it a few months back but it was never included in the FOTA updates. Even at 720p, the file size is still too large. There's a 30-minute recording limit too so when I'm in the final moments of finishing a match in PUBGM (A full classic match usually takes 30+ minutes), the screen recorder just cuts off automatically and shows a distracting, giant notification on my screen. I'd like to share my gameplay but the file size is too big. The viewers will surely experience some buffering. I'm starting to get jealous of iOS' screen recorder because it seems to generate less MB/minute all while retaining HD quality. Why do we have such inferior recording software?


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