FX506IU stuttering randomly

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: FX506IU
  4. Frequency of occurrence: one every 1-2 days
  5. Reset OS: -
  6. Screenshot or video: none, but you can easily get it


Detailed description:A lot of people already complaining about this exact problem with this model, FX506IU. If you search online "FX506IU stuttering" you should find a lot of post related to this the video and every single method they (and I) have tried. The stuttering happens only for 2-3 seconds, not depending on what am I doing on this laptop, even only watching Youtube. The only difference is now I am using latest bios 313 and it is still happening. Some people already tried downgrading the Windows but nothing worked. I have also uninstalled the AMD IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, it makes the problem happens less frequent (before it happens like once every about 6 hours). So, the fix may have not been found.

Some people said this may be because SSD, but the chance is very slim because this only happens in this model. I believe this is because of the bios, even with latest update this problem still occurs. My friend has the FX506II (1650 ti version of this laptop) but he has no problem at all. Maybe the problem is associated with the VGA.

This laptop is 3 months old and for 3 months I've been trying to fix this problem.


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    Hi Joshua! Is there really at least someone with a problem like mine! I'm so happy! I have exactly the same problem as you.

    I found out that this happens every 4 - 4.5 hours, no matter what I do on my laptop. I also have FX506IU, I have long sought a solution and insisted that this is a software problem, but no one listened to me, the ASUS service said that "if it was a software problem, we would receive a lot of feedback from customers, but we did not get "and they sent me to the service. And what's next ???

    But nothing! I gave my laptop to the service for almost a month, I changed the motherboard, I took the laptop, happy to go home and here again the same problem. I just want to get my laptop back and forget about it all like a bad dream. Terrible technical support and customer focus from Asus. I will never buy their technique again.

    My laptop, by the way, like yours, is 3 months old. Hope we can find help.

  • Yeah I've seen your post too. Looks like we are united here ahahaha. If yours happens every 4-4.5 hours, mine 1-2 days once after I uninstalled the AMD ATA/ATAPI controller, I think it helps a bit. And recently AMD realeased new 1.1GB display driver, still has the problem. So I strongly believe this is the bios problem. I hope they release newer bios that fix this.

  • Edit: my friend that has FX506II has the stuttering only once, 2 about days ago.

  • The strangest thing about this all is that in this post none of the Asus support has given any answer, it's so funny when the manufacturer sees the problem and ignores it at point-blank range. When I wrote in support of Asus, they almost shouted back that the problem was not in the BIOS, and that everything was fine. But now it turns out that they were wrong, and now they can behave properly and just fix the mistake, but no, they just ignore it. Asus, I appeal to you, ask us for any proof and description, we will give you everything, just fix this problem already!

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