Why asus lacking in software department??😡😡

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Asus needs to see how OnePlus and realme provide software updates and noticeable think is that they provide regular software update to there low-budget devices to so y asus can't provide software update not for flagship nor budget. And PLZZ don't give that bull shit reason tht rog2 is a gaming phone and blah blah.😡😡😡😡😡



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    It has got everything I need for gaming making this phone unique to many others like OnePlus and Realme. What more do you want?

    Making your phone all pretty don't make you play better in games, or does it? Adding more features that requires some sort of scheduling like service doesn't help your phone make full use of the resource it has.

    How do you define flagship?

    If you really want regular software update, then this phone isnt for you. Google does this regularly now. But if you dont like Google because of the lack pf customization, then OnePlus and Realme is best suits you. Another words, do some research before buying any phone.

  • Then you need to mention this that it is a gaming phone and don't expect software update here.Then see how your sell effects you. You say this this is the world's only one gaming phone but here we are still in such a ui where we can't even use always on display because company provides only 3 themes great and this phone has lot of problems. I really think I have wasted my money on this device. Whatever we ask the only answer to your questions is this is gaming device and blah blah 😂

    And where is 3 finger screen shot option?? Because this gaming phones button get's damage after 1year no taktick feedback.

  • Hi asaniket03,

    I can understand you feedback about software update. The update is rolled out whenever ready.

    Can you list down your personal issues with the phone so that I can help you?

  • Bro. The motherboard issue u must also be aware of I guess. I'll send u a link of a YouTube video u see urself how many users are facing the auto switch off issue at 40 degrees and still the admins say visit the service center we are still checking logs. This line I've been hearing since July. No updates yet

  • " The update is rolled out whenever ready." Is this statement belong to present tense or past tense or future tense?🤔

  • Do list out what all meanings you're able to infer from that... 😒

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    Yes, I have indeed heard of this issue. The moderators here already confirmed that issue isnt a software issue and thus need to visit service centre. But there seems to be people who know more than the mods here and ultimately led to their phones being out of warranty. The issue is fustrating I know, but no one is willing to help to resolve the issue by listening to the moderators. Some users here have got their phone fixed by going to the service centre.

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    You think you wasted money because of no new software updates lol. So you dont buy the phone for gaming? Why on earth did you get a phone that was sold for gaming?

    3 finger to get a screenshot. Hmmm, I am interested to win in a game not to show what I look like or pose for a picture.

    You still get security updates, we have been updated to a later version of Armoury Crate. Just cannot make everyone happy.

    I see why you think you wasted money. Proper gaming phone or PC are meant to be built optimized i.e. no bloat to the system so it runs without resistance.

    Edit:// My phone power button still working fine after 1 year. Must be a software problem?

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    I can't say how service centre operates but I know some service centres not neccessary Asus have the same exact issue. Mods here dont operate those service centres so not sure what benefit is there to come on to the forum and tell mods your not getting answers. You should keep ringing until you get through and if you have to, send a letter to HQ. You are not the only person who have this issue.

    Do you have examples where "mods act its user error"? I am sure mods would want to know and learn from mistakes regardless of intention.

    "And don't act like some of the updates aren't necessary and purely aesthetic." updates are neccessary for security, yes I agree and this comee bi monthly. People take it literally when for example the PUBG update is happening on a day, that person waited to midnight at 00.00 and to post on the forum to say no update. Basically, if you have been told of an upcoming update, use common sense as to when the updates will actually arrive.

  • 1st think I want to clear u I'm asking you to provide 3 fingers screen shot function because my device buttons are not working properly. And one second its my problem where I'm going to use or not that function it's the duty of company to provide proper costumer service.And one more it's not a cheap device that we can get in under 10k we have spent more money here and that way we as consumers may have some hope. We using around 40k device are still using that older version of taking screen shot like hold volume up and power button woww great others companies gives this feature in there budget phones then why can't asus.?

    According to you this device is gaming device that means you not going to push any updated or if you push also that are buggy updates?? And one more it's my choice which mobile I'm going to use or not and companies duty is fullfill customer's demand.

    You updated armoury crate that means you did a big job it's companies duty what such big deal?? Did u people did any favour on us??

    And listen man I am thinking I've wasted my money because of this device behaviour of suddenly getting reboot. Speaker sounds like hell. Even when I'm on no calls suddenly network goes and within a second network is back wow great now u can say it's network provider issue.

    And last button problem is not software problem I know but I just added that issue here and one more if apps stuck it's hardware problem or software??😅

    And one more thing if I touch "T"(it's a Example) on my keyboard and its print G or R for the first time I thought it was my mistake but no it prints every single time is it a joke?? To resolve that kind of problem I need to lock my phone and that opens up then it's work fine what you want to say on this??? " I guess it's hardware issue 😂"

    And one more when you people push updates why can't you check first why asus every update is buggy does your device get some kind of Intoxication??

    And one more does this device battery is really 6000mah?? I don't think so.

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    1. Now you are asking for a company to help you with the 3 finger screenshot feature because you broken your buttons for screenshots and you dont want to pay for fixing it. You can download an app to take screenshots or use the screenshot button from the notification tray. I dont want the 3 finger screenshot feature, does a company fulfill what I need or fullfil what you want. If a company starts putting in things you dont want, I will bet you will complain as much too.
    2. Gaming phone or not, we still get updates, but maybe not as often compared to other phones. Just so happens, the updates is not right for you. Not right for you doesnt mean theres no updates. 2 different things. If you have issues, you report them. Looking at the posts you have made, the metal bit came off from your phone, volume buttons not working and restart issue. Go to service centre and get these fixed.
    3. The only problem I had with software is Game Genie not recording on Youtube and high constant CPU, both of which have been addressed. So, I havent have any problems with restart but you have been told a billion times that you need to visit service centre. Its not software problem especially if your phone is in warranty.
    4. Battery 6000mah is a size. Not how long or time you can use the phone. I can use the phone 2 days straight without charging and by this, I am on the latest version of A10 on ROG2. There is many ways to skin a cat.

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    1.Why should I pay extra if company provides that features by software. Why asus is not able to add that features. Sorry but jst question Is asus dev that dum?? And listen don't talk to much your not mod here 

    2. I visited service center what a great reply I got from ur service center I already share those.

    3 Buddy I'm just fed-up with your such answers.

    4 .I never get battery more than a day or screen on time not more thn 6hr.

  • Thought you stopped fanboying asus but "dog tail never gets straight" (kutte ki dum kabhi sidi ni hoti). Seriously stop defending for them because the answers you are giving on every post is just encouraging asus to not do anything for rog 2? Seriously this phone is just 1 year old and the issues with this is worse than my 3 year old one plus phone.

    1. Asus fanboys are to blame for no new features in this phone anymore and also the freaking airtrigger sliding gesture is still in beta for more than 8 months and i don't think they are planning to complete it.

    2. None of user suggested feature has been added and also none of the major bugs including sound recording delay has been fixed. Only one bug was fixed which was overheating bug but that's all that asus fixed over 1 year. A10 restarting issue is still there, service center saying hardware is ok.

    Fanboys are the main enemy because thats the reason asus think that their mods are enough for us. If these fanboys weren't there then all was left in this forum was complaints and bugs but these fanboys covering up for asus just makes my blood boil.

    Simply its been a long time since i made a post this long but this guy just never stops. Like come on, don't you see what asus is doing here? If there were only complains in this forum them asus would be forced to look into rog 2 and release a stable update with user requested features. I am just wondering, are you paid to make such comments or are you just too blind to see what they are doing? I think you never used a smartphone before and now you just post here and see only positives. Dude wake up.

  • If asus don't see any problem with their software, they will not do anything for it. Expecting them to fix it themself is just foolish. Stop covering up for asus and let the posts flood for asus to see how their mods are doing and how many issues are solved by the mods and not the fanboys because you don't solve the issue, only thing you do is making excuses

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    Your issue with the service centre, get in touch with one of the mods here. Remember, treat them how you want to be treated. Just demanding does not get you anywhere.

    I don't think you get the point on how optimized phone/PC works. So I will leave it there. Yes, I am saying this is a gaming phone which is the reason why you and I brought this phone. PUBG I assume? We didn't buy this phone of it being pretty and nice did we?

    Battery problem, this depends on your usage. Check the different things you can do to help save battery in Battery Master. Drain the battery till none left. Then charge your phone all the way to 100%. Once the phone starts discharging from 100 to 99, reharge to 100% and leave it on charge a 15-30 minutes to ensure it reaches to the top.

  • Listen properly I've not even installed pubg on this device not even a single time. I just brought this device because I'm biggest fan of asus since zenfone laser but this time asus totally break down.This device is really not good in any department.And one more as the spect given on paper ,if you would have clearly mention that don't expect any software improvement I definitely go for OnePlus. Because since last one year there not a single change in UI no additional settings are given is security updates really enough??

  • We want software optimization update when we face re-start issue they say go to service center but if you switch to A9 then you didn't face this issues. A10 I face battery drainage, ghost touching issue, they are giving optimization of Pokemon Go who the hell is playing Pokemon we buy this phone for gaming hardcore games.

    Fan boys please stay away from every post just making the unnecessary threads if you didn't facing problem so what we do now we have to pray to god that please give issue to him . 😂😂

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    OK my bad for assuming you did play PUBG. But I don't know why you're posting here if moderators are clearly saying go to service centre for restart issue. You have to keep trying to get through to them. Go knock on their door. Like I have said, the restart issue have been resolved to a alot people by going to the service centre. Evidence is on here and also on XDA.

    At the end of day, you're running your warranty out and the phone was working when you brought it. So it is actually doing yourself harm than anyone else.

    Software issues happens to everyone and not to some people. So tell me why I don't get this issue? Why are people getting phone fixed at service centre don't get this issue? Why does my friends dont get this issue? People on this forum getting other issue, why does their device not restart? You guys not seeing the pattern? 🤣

    But seriously, go to service centre, get your phone checked. Get a RMA number and if you're stuck again, you can ask for moderators here to help you as they have been known to be helpful here. Simple as that.

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