Dear ASUS, Please refund your buyers if you can't fix the black crush!

I'm getting sick of this already! It's been months of FOTA updates and yet there's still no sign of display improvements. ASUS, if you can't/don't/won't fix this black crush issue, at least refund us a portion of our hard-earned cash! Lower the SRP and make it known to your retailers. You advertised a gaming phone with excellent display, we got the gaming part but what about the display? I can barely enjoy movies on this. $1000 on a phone that can't even show proper blacks despite being AMOLED and heats up even though it has a "cooling system"? Does $1000 seem reasonable to you? What are your devs doing wrong? I googled your 144hz competitors and none of their buyers even reported a single case of black crush. I don't care about Pixelworks. You teamed up with them so it's your responsibility.


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