Dear ASUS, Please refund your buyers if you can't fix the black crush!

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I'm getting sick of this already! It's been months of FOTA updates and yet there's still no sign of display improvements. ASUS, if you can't/don't/won't fix this black crush issue, at least refund us a portion of our hard-earned cash! Lower the SRP and make it known to your retailers. You advertised a gaming phone with excellent display, we got the gaming part but what about the display? I can barely enjoy movies on this. $1000 on a phone that can't even show proper blacks despite being AMOLED and heats up even though it has a "cooling system"? Does $1000 seem reasonable to you? What are your devs doing wrong? I googled your 144hz competitors and none of their buyers even reported a single case of black crush. I don't care about Pixelworks. You teamed up with them so it's your responsibility.


  • The only other 144hz OLED phone I know of is the red magic 5g and from what I know it didn't get a global release and not a lot of people bought it

    Plus I couldn't find it's official forums does one exist 🤔

  • But is it really all due to pixelworks?

    From what I know pixelworks is associated with calibration on many flagships including Asus's own Zenfone 7 which don't have any reported issues with black crush from what I know

  • Asus can you promise to deliver an update which will fix this issue? And also provide an exact ETA for the same.

    As this is a major issue becos display is the most important feature in any smartphone which we use in our smartphone. And gaming is good but people will not play games all the time on their smartphones. There are other things as well and display is one of the major thing.

    This fix will show your dedication towards providing value to your customers. And we feel really annoyed by black crush issue.

    You can make your customers feel good about their 1000$ smartphone by providing the this fix. And this will only benefit you in the long term.

  • If you no longer want your cell phone, you can donate it. It will give you inner satisfaction, rather than rambling on.

    I have asked via e-mail asus rog phone, and they have promised to fix this problem completely, in the next rog phone series.

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    "in the next rog phone series" brilliant answer. Who says I don't want my phone? There's a reason I'm trying to fight for its flaws to be fixed. If you think donating a $1000 phone to someone just because it's not up to your standards is "satisfactory", then you go right ahead because there is no satisfaction for me in doing so.

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    What a bad response to an issue. It's like buying a $1500 computer and it has a obvious issue, like mouse not working or something, then saying "we'll fix it for next one, please buy that" haha. This phone is sold around performance/entertainment/gaming etc... (it's definitely not for it's phone features (eg. lack of VoLTE support). If they can't get it right, why try the next one? So many better phones around tbh. I fell for the ASUS name, not again. Enjoy paying for your next phone that fixes one problem.

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    I think even auas know at this point that, they couldn't fix this. All they talk about is reducing the issue.

    They launched 144hz just to brag about a number and they messed up the most important aspect about a phone... Which is display.

    Most games support 90hz. They should have stuck to 90hz and should have used better display.

    I think now it's upto users... To get a refund and the only way is consumer court.

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    It's all business buddy. Asus is a corporate giant. Few users can't bully it. Even if ROG 4 is launched with the same issue they will get away with it because they can.

  • In the USA they can't. Remember apple got class action suit for throttling the processor to prevent shutdown in case of battery degradation?

  • But again people buy the phones cos of that

    Many bought rog 3 for 144hz and the super good sampling rate

    If consumer won't buy it OEMs won't produce it,but at this point the conception is the higher the better/smoother. Rog is the first in the industry every time (like 90hz and 120hz OLEDs on previous rog phones) other manufacturers like OnePlus etc will bring 144hz in their next flagship phones and we all know their users will report stuff then like 8pro this year

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    Asus's own Zenfone 7 with a 90hz panel doesn't have any reported display issues (it uses a samsung made panel with dc dimming support)

  • And what would the petitioner claim tho this black crush issue can easily be labelled as "normal behaviour" by OEMs one can see the massive amounts of complains by buyers everywhere on all manufacturer forums regarding this

  • I say the truth, sr,

    There is very little chance that this black crush problem can be solved in this 3rd phone series, because it is related to 3rd party and hardware issues.

    But I guess most of the rog series users are FANBOY huh? They will be happy to wait for fix this problem on Asus Rog Phone 4.

  • Of course, especially in developing countries like Indonesia, or India, the ROG brand is just as worthy as the iPhone brand. The users will be considered as "sultans", or wealthy people.

  • I also bought my Rog-3 for 50K here in India and started having display issues....can we atleast get a solution or a concrete answer as to whats the solution for this gonna be????

  • I anticipate the answer's gonna be for us to wait for their next update as they will have tweaked the display "further". This was the answer that was provided by most of the mods last AUGUST on the black crush thread. Even on recent black crush posts, they're still telling us to wait for an update.

  • Bruh I sold my kidney to buy a flagship phone which is 12gb 256gb variant and it makes feel sad. Asus apparently don't care about their consumer. Not everyone can afford to buy a phone every year. Why buy Rog phone 4 when I have Rog phone 3?

    I still hope that they can fix it.

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