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Phone functions hanging up phone calls crashing device rog 8

Star I

So few frustrating issues with the phone need fixing, when I try to hang up almost everytime it doesn't actually register I am pushing the button and the phone call continues, secondly when I do hang up it freezes the phone sometimes I am able to close the screen and open it again and close whatever is loaded on the screen.. 3. It keeps connecting to my neighbours tv even when I turn the cast feature off as much as is possible.. I'm sure I have more that I can't recall fix this phone I payed alit and I can't return it based on software issues from where I bought it would you be happy if I send it to you guys for a refund... I absolutely hate it for now.. update the software and let me enjoy the phone I thought I was going to enjoy..



Hello @Coneblaster91 
This all sounds very very odd, I would recommend doing a reset since this is not normal, specially the neighbours tv issue, unless they are connected to the same network.