Sms not received when using other app than messages (google LLC)

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Hello, I don't receive SMS (and MMS) when I use another app (mood or textra for example, I prefer mood...)

When I choose Google message I received the "non received"messages then when I choose "mood" they arrive

I can send messages but from some contacts (not all) I never receive their messages! I must change for Google message to receive them!

I gave all authorizations to "mood" app (battery etc etc...)

Any idea of what could be the cause of this problem?


  • This is just a theory of mine but It could be that the other phone is sending you SMS and MMS as chat data and not as actual SMS/MMS. And your Mood/textra apps are not setup to handle this type of communication? If the other phone is sending messages as chat data and not sms/mms, then go to your contact in that phone, details and choose something like "send as actual sms/mms" (this will only appear if messages are sent as chat data)

  • Ok thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to deactivate chat data on the other phone and I'll tell you if it is this

    I asked developer the same question but I have no answer at this time

  • Big thank you! When I deactivate chat function on the other phone I receive the message!

    I have now to wait for an update of mood which gives chat functionality

  • I deactivated chat function on my phone on Google messages and now I can receive SMS on mood or textra from people who have Google message and chat function activated on it! So problem solved! 😀

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