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FEATURE REQUEST/FEEDBACK: "Feedback" and "Report Issue" option in the system settings

Rising Star II
Asus Zenfone 6
Android 10

Please add a "Feedback" and "Report Issue" set of buttons to the System Settings as an option for users to easily share and report what's going on with their phone directly to ASUS.

Hall of Fame III
This is something we're carefully considered and we prefer users to report issues via our forum. There are pros and cons with buttons like this and our conclusion was that the cons will outweighs the pros.
I don't expect you to understand but I want you to understand that the current way of reporting, will be better for everybody in the end.
Thanks for your feedback!

Rising Star II
I don't believe the current way of reporting is properly delivering the message of the people to ASUS. The current way of reporting requires too many hoops and/or blind searches until you come across Zentalk or the Asus support site.

Zen Master I
Yeah but they would be spammed to hell with feature requests because every user wants something else. While I believe that report issue with automatic logcat providing is a good idea provided users wouldn't abuse it, feature requests are almost always unconstructive wishful thinking.