Glitches and Bugs in ASUS ROG Phone 3

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ASUS ROG Phone 3
  2. Firmware Version: Not listed in Settings -> About -> model and hardware
  3. Rooted or not: Not Rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Multiple times
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): armoury crate, game genie, whatsapp, YouTube

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


I have previously addressed this to a moderator of Zentalks, (Gustav_ASUS). It has been more than 2 weeks now, but still the issue hasn't been resolved. I would like to complain this and take this matter with someone having authority.

The issues I am talking about are addressed below.

  1. Live streaming feature is not working, and whenever I clicked on it, it shows the error "Network Conenction Failed. Stop Recording.". For this, I restarted my phone, checked if my net is working properly, reset the phone. It's still not working properly.
  2. Black crush issue. You can see this issue for yourselves when something dark comes onto your screen. Like when you are watching something on Netflix or YouTube, you can see the distortion properly.
  3. I am a competitive player for CODM (Call of Duty Mobile), and sometimes when I play the game, the game crashes. It always happens when I increase the screen resolution from 60Hz to 144Hz. Sometimes, the game lags a lot and I have to restart the device for it.
  4. I still haven't got a reply from GUSTAV_ASUS for the previous discussion, wherein I highlighted all the issues. If this is the way you guys offer your products and assistance, then don't sell gaming phones and claim to be one of the best in the gaming industry.

I thought for 50K this phone will be worth it, but I am having second thoughts on it now. I want to talk with an executive and have a complain filed for this.ASUS has been selling a substandard and second-rate device, and claim to be one of the best gaming phones in the gaming industry.

I am really sad to say that I have not enjoyed this experience with this product and I demand to talk to an executive and resolve these issues.



  • Well,I see 0 lags or throttling on whatever frame rate,even on 50 degrees I see no throttling. Pubg mobile,Genshin impact,shadow fight 3,you name it

    Also don't blame the phone for ANY and I'll say it again ANY mobile game.

    The phone is MORE than capable of playing ANY of these games on AT LEAST a stable 120 hertz.

    But the developers of these games have capped the game so that even 100$ phones can play it

    And there is absolutely no point in having 144hz enabled on games that are capped,it will drain the battery and change the colours for no reason

    Also,this phone has THE BEST performance and specs on ANY other phone and it has a little thing called OVERCLOCKING.

    If it were not for the blackcrash and smaller screen resolution and size,it would be THE BEST phone of ALL time.

    Honestly, y'all should be thankful that such a device exists which have limitless potential with gadgets,aura sync which makes everything cool at and you could afford such device. If you have complaints either be patient or send them ONCE

    The developers don't have all day and are hard working people,it won't help them when they see 50 posts and comments complaining about 1 thing without even proof or details

    Chill out,be patient,and enjoy the best phone in the world,and let the Devs deal with the problems.

    Don't worry they hear you

  • I am sorry to inform you, but even when the game is not running, the device crashes. It crashes while running discord. So now, before you say its my fault for doing this also, I would recommend you to go and tell your DEVS that such a glitch exists, before claiming to be the best phone in the world.

    I never mentioned about the smaller screen size or resolution. my previous phone was Redmi, so ROG 3's screen size is definitely bigger than then previous device I had.

    Also, I mentioned it to the moderators, not the developers. I know it isn't written anywhere that moderators can't be developers, but that's the whole reason moderators are present, to view the viable complaints and then inform the devs about the issues. I respect the devs for creating a beast in a mobile device.

    I am a developer as well (not comparing to your high tech devs, I'm nowhere as skilled), but as someone who develops, I would definitely like to know if there any issues in any thing I build, as it ruins the experience for the user. It won't affect at first, but it will be a big problem in the long run.

    Even after coming forward and reporting issues and bugs, you guys have no respect for the person who got these in the first place.

    Let me correct you and teach you, that before claiming to be the best device in the world, the device should be functioning properly. Sorry to say, its not.

    Thank you for at least considering to reply, unlike some people over here.

  • He is totally right .. how can they even say that there is no throttling at all.

    After playing genshin impact for half n hour ...fps drops down to 40 fps...

    Even in low settings..

    I raised many problems before regarding black crush's performance ..battery etc.. features claimed by company is just a gimmick..

    I lost my hope when moderators ignored everything...and stopped replying...

    They will definitely face the wrath when they launch rog 4 ...people here in India are very pissed....

    Brother' Just make sure that this is your last asus device ever ...

    I talked in service center ...their support ... everywhere.. nothing works..

    And bypass charging😡😡 I don't want even want to say anything on this..

    And there software updates are pathetic..

  • Well,let me also teach you,that the phone is sold also outside of India and people from I dunno,Sweden for example,have 0 problems just like me

    You can't just say the phone has bugs and glitches when it's only 1 or 2 Units,and yes it IS the best, performance wise atleast,even on benchmarks if you want more proof.The black crush is easily adjustable with a third party app but,for my device at least,its very very weak black crush

    If you were a developer you would consider switching your unit since you know other countries exist,yet you don't see them complain about the phone

    If you have bugs glitches,too bad,change your unit or wait for a fix,these are known problems and the mods have seen them way long ago,also since you are a developer why don't you fix it yourself?

    Anyway yeah,just because some Indians got unlucky doesn't mean every Rog 3 user has problems so just chill out

  • Well,40 45 or 50 my rog 3 keeps the 60 FPS easily

    Only in very unoptimised parts of the game do I see some frame drops to 55 or 50

    Also the bypass charging is the most convenient thing ever,it works perfectly for anything else than genshin impact

    Can't wait for the Rog 4 to dominate the mobile market once again on performance

  • I don't actually care for people who don't have issues, because unlike you, it seems that you don't want anything solved in the first place. And I am not talking about 1 or 2 units, I am talking every unit. Lots of my friends have the same issues, and even worse, they have no other option.

    And as for performance wise, I think you might have heard that eSports organizations for mobile gaming offer to give a gaming phone, if the team is sponsored. The device they receive is an iphone, which is dominant in the gaming market and consistent. So if for any second you think that ROG Phone 3 is dominating the market, go see the stats for yourself.

    Plus, if you raise the point that they are IOS devices, not android, go have a look at Redmagic 5s and then think about every statement you've said. They also made the phone with almost the same specifications except the screen resolution. I've never heard of them having any issues with black crush or fps drops or anything else. Same goes with one plus 8T.

    Regarding other countries, I don't actually care if they complain or not. I have a problem with this device, so I'm going to report it. Simply speaking, I should get what I paid for.

    And yeah I am a developer, but for android applications. I don't know what's taught in Sweden, but developing a product that has hardware issues and developing an application in android is completely different.

    That's the thing. If you focus on the region so much, then I suppose you should not comment over here, because ASUS doesn't provide service based on where the customer is from. Sorry to say, you should get your facts straight.

  • I think you are a kid...I tried replacing unit lots of times but they denied..

    And I am a developer as well ..

    And you kid doesnt know a thing about developer...

    Please don't say to mechanical engineer that go and make a new car for urself..

    He will surely kick you out of his property..

    Sorry if I am being harsh ..

    But u said alot...

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    Live streaming is a known issue and they are working on it.

    Is ROG Phone 3 the 1st phone you are using? If you have used other phones before, you will have used other apps for live streaming. Are you fixated on using Game Genie for streaming?

    Game or app crashing can be due to many different factors. It can be due to background apps in conflict, virus/malware, etc.

    The only universal common complains about the ROG Phone 3 are VoLTE support and black crush.

    If you want to have a complain filed, consult your lawyer and together with the users who are experiencing the same issues as you, file a class action suit.

  • You are right. There are other streaming apps as well. But the reason I bought the phone was I saw the live streaming capability of this device. So I am just a guy who wants what I paid for in the first place.

    Game or app crashing is due to many factors, yes. But when you are neither running any app just scrolling through the apps, the phone hangs and I have to shut down the phone. Plus, I have not installed many apps in the phone except whatsapp and CODM, never went to chrome and clicked on questionable links ever. So there is very less chance of a virus getting in. While playing a game, I close every background app that is using up memory. I first complained about this when I bought the phone. After that ASUS FOTAService has rolled out 3 updates. In one of them, there was a line written, quoting the update, " Fixed issue with brightness where sudden brightness changes were noticed". This issue is still there while opening YouTube and whatsapp.

    There is no such thing as universal complaint. You should say the most common complaint. I don't know why, but I just asked Devs to fix this issue in the first thread I posted. I didn't ask anyone to comment on their thoughts or give their opinions. HomeEnglish CommunityService Phone CommunityROG Phone 3("service"). As said by user (Aman89053), he also faces some of these issues. So I am not the only one who got these issues.

    As per my previous statement, "filing a complaint" and "want to contact an executive" means to file a complaint with the company executives and head of the management team,so as to notify them and to rectify the issues faced by people all around the world.

  • Lol u're so bias with your statement. Here's from indonesia. Every problem that rinzler say is happened too in here. Stop covering asus ass by saying "the best gaming smartphone ever".. best gaming my ass, screen is the one of the main components that they should consider before claims that title. And they failed miserably. Even legion phone doesnt have any black crush nor extreme green tint on 144hz mode. Lol

    Not even surprised tho bcuz asus known well for having a crap software since day one.

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    2021 is going to be interesting

    We'll get Rog 4 and an Asus Qualcomm gaming phone

    I'm kinda curious what hardware parts will the two phones share and what will be unique to either of them

  • Uh well I'll just state my review

    I honestly don't have any complains regarding the software (it's the one of the best I've used till now)

    Plus yeah there are some pretty handy features

    For people facing bugs with scheduled charging or bypass charging try clearing app data/cache for it or try a factory reset as I never had any issue with either of them

    Pretty satisfied with my purchase overall

    This phone so many stuff that I flex on some of the guys with OnePlus phones etc lol

    The speaker on rog blows everything out og the ball park

    Black crush has improved too for me so rn I'm pretty satisfied

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    Plus last week oneplus pushed out an beta update to stable users 😂

    It erased data for many guys

    So stuff like this happens

    OOS isn't anything great

    I compared Zen ui and OOS,zen ui is superior in many areas

  • I wanted to say that I know there is no such thing as an ideal system where everything is good and nothing is bad. But unnecessary lag without anything happening in the background? I would rather download the update from one plus if I had a one plus device and let it erase my data.

    Stuff like this happens to one or two guys, its okay. But I have 14 more of my friends who have encountered these similar issues, and much more over here in this forum. So I have no choice but to raise my voice and let everyone know that there are issues with the device that aren't being solved.

  • On sustained performance the iPhones fail,their batteries drain quicker while on heavy load,and the heat won't escape,the FPS will drop and the only reason it's being given to eSports it's because of sponsors and assurances,Otherwise gaming phones would be given.Also,RedMagic 5s?how will the heat escape?The air just flows around.And why would you even buy the phone if you thin the other ones are better?Even for the price.And you can't reason with live streaming,since you could live stream through an iOS device or even any other gaming phone.And a last thing,why would you buy an inferior device according to you?I thought software developers did some research before investing in such an investment...

  • 1,I'm not a kid

    2, Judging by your poor English and manners,I hardly believe you are even out of school yet...

  • Again,doesn't matter,not everyone has a problem,if you are serious about the problems and only your specific countries have problems,then go for a law suit

    Also I'm not covering,I simply state the facts

    And forgot to mention,I'm not biased,its been proven to beat every single other phone out there,on performance specifically,so yes for performance it's the best

    But I still don't get it,why did you buy this phone since the throttling piece of metal Legion Duel,is better?

    Seems to me you make poor choices when buying tech...

  • Competition is always welcome,who knows,they might come cheaper for more performance,which is good for both sides

  • Hi,

    Really sorry, let me check and get back.

    For Black crush:

    With every new update, the fine-tuning is making sure that the overall quality is getting better.

    Appreciate your patience.

    Call of Duty Mobile doesn't support 144Hz on ROG Phone 3

  • I am facing the same issue. Phone stopped charging with official charger, and would only slowly charge with any other charger.

    I tried factory reset, but it is not fixed.

    I used the asus charger to charge other phone, and it worked. So, I think it is a software issue. Bug is pretty random because I was able to charge my phone after updating to .99 update released recently, but it stopped working randomly.

    Please let me know what other details you need to troubleshoot the issue. I bought another ROG phone 3 for my brother, and I have not updated that phone because it started happening after the recent update.

    I can share data from both phone if it will help you figure out how to fix it and roll out fix for everyone.

    It is serious issue even if it affects 1% of all of ROG 3 users. It should be addressed without pointing fingers at anyone.

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