ROG 3 Front Display and back Gorilla Glass panel broken

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I accidently dropped my phone and my display got damaged partially. within less than a minute, entire display turned black screen and the phone became completely in accessible. Because of the drop my back panel got damaged too. the back glass has been shattered. I have used other premium flagship phones such as OnePlus 1 and OnePlus 5T in the past and to be honest they were not as fragile as ROG 3. This isn't what I expected from this Flagship phone.

I contacted Asus Service Centers in Mumbai (Contact details were shared by Asus Support) and both of my nearest service centers have not yet started supporting for ROG 3 related issues. Upon contacting I was told that they're going through training for this new device and they wouldn't be able to comment on when they would be able to repair or provide any assistance with this phone.

Please advise, I need an estimated cost of repairs for my phone in Mumbai, India.


  • wokwokwok....

    this is your fate, duds.

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    It's probably going to cost you 15k+ (rog phone 2's panel is listed on Asus's website for 15k)

    The panel itself is around 15-16k imo

    The angle at which the phone drops, height and "luck" all play a factor in such cases

  • Hi dbyaphets,

    Please check your PM.

  • this also happened to me last month, the display crack a little barely seen but the display already flickering and after an hour screen turn completely black. It cost me 22k php to repair the screen almost half the phone price. now i only touch my phone for minutes got me traumatize.

  • It's just the element of luck and angle of drop in play here. Drop any glass phone at the right angle and it will crack, no 2 ways about it. Glass is glass and glass crack!!!

  • Same here WTF, phone did not fall, because i dropped my rog 2 after 1month and half and was gutted. I gave it another chanse and buyer Rog3 and protected my Rog3 extremely well, and always used my twinview dock when possible. So one day i take my rog3 out the dock and screen started flickering. I watch closely and yes, cracked within display. No outside damage whatsoever... I spend total of 1950€ in total for rog3 +accessories and rog3... Within 2months both are fucked...

    Do anyone know how they handle warranty? Decline all or is there possibility that they take responsibility for the cracked screen? PHONE DID NOT FALL, don't have 1 scratch, dent or any damage whatsoever... Please share your experience with warranty/customer service...

    Kind regards Orry

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