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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus rog 2
  2. Firmware Version: .49
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: happening from last 3 weeks
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


👇🏻I red one thread in which one user stated this

'm a custom kernel Developer for lg V30, pixel phone and XiaoMi device.

I've encounter some issue regarding random reboot for specific device and not all. I check your kernel it have some serious issue regarding defconfig file. And some coding that alot of typos that can cause kernel panic. Since I don't work for you guys so I hope your kernel team can have a look on it.

please Team asus have a look into this and stop saying visit to nearest service centre or try factory data reset for this issue to everyone😣


  • @Gaurav ROGII same thing happened to me but while charging only and service center guys told me it was hardware problem..m going to collect device tomorrow then i will better know what was the problem

  • Got right air trigger triggered when pressing the screen annoying latest update doing nothing,any solution?

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    My devices no problem and not have that issue, so i think you can try to flashing your device with the same firmware version.

    Just a suggestion

  • Collect your device and make sure it is in A10 and let us know if your issue is fixed or not.

  • Let me elaborated more regarding the issue I give some example.

    In lg v30 device there few model as well ex h933 canadian h930 US and few other similar to rog 2 we have I003D or DE or whatsoever. So when I make a custom kernel for it using stock_defconfig from lg v30 canadian source it will boot for US source but random reboot occure from time to time.

    Is similar to this situation. Our Rog2 have tons of random reboot for some devices but not all is like 70-80% of the device most have problem.

    But it can also be hardware defected for some device also example plug in charging and went black screen normally is hardware problem.

  • Could be a hardware issue but doesn't explain why my service center guy are refusing to fix my phone? They always mention no hardware defect and in troubleshooting they write factory reset and give me my device at A9 everytime. At A9 my problem doesnt happen but at A10 my device rebooting. Its likely a software issue or my service center guys are super lazy. Either of them are disgusting and asus should be ashamed.

  • @Akash Gupta they told me it was motherboard problem..and when i chck android version while returning from service center it was 2004.9 i think in end and now i updated it first to 2007.27 and then to .49 and now heat issue is there while charging..external part is getting heat up like .47 update i think which was on 24-25 sept. but crate is showing temp. 38-39

  • See cpu temp.

  • Hm, that is weird. Please make sure to get your device fully fixed before your warranty runs out because mine did run out today.

  • @Akash Gupta everytime I have to visit service center I hv to spend 400 rs. And earlier I visited 2 service center because one told me it will take 1 week time for ur to send it to main service's better to visit main center directly and then main center guys took 2 weeks to repair this..

    Few people phone is now working fine after motherboard change..few are saying auto switchoff problem start happening again after few don't know my phone will be ok in future or not but for now heat issue is much more..

    Seriously m frustrated by this phone..15-20000 range phone are better than this😑 don't know why I spent money again on asus..earlier I bought asus laser 3-4 yr back and within warranty period same thing happened to tht phone..I had to take tht to service center and I thought it's high range phone it will be best..but I was wrong..

    Don't know who is providing updates for asus..when u hv asus at is best..but whenever thereafter updates comes..there will be bugs and then again update then more bug..why there can't be even a single stable update in asus

    People are laughing on me now for this phone

  • This is touch panel problem which I thought that it was motherboard problem. From the very first day since I bought ROG , right air trigger use to get triggered when pressed at the back side of the phone.

    Recently I visited service center because of screen burn issue. I told to the service center guy there is a problem with right air trigger where it works when pressed at the back. He told me it's a panel problem which will get resolved on changing the panel.

    And yes, after screen replacement, the issue is gone.

    So guys, it's not software problem. It's hardware

  • bro I am also going to service centre for the restart and screen blackout problem, Can you tell me that your device is still restarting or screen locking when the device gets heat? please

  • Faced the blackout problem in A9 too but that was when i first downloaded the downgrade. Now it doesnt happen and no restarts so far.

  • The blackout happened when i was on discord voice call and a friend called me on my number, my phone completely blacked out after my friend hanged up the call. That happened 2 times in period of 5 days but now it doesnt happen that much. The blackout is automatically fixed after 2 min of phone idle.

  • @Gaurav ROGII I hv charged device only was getting heat up yesterday while charging..other. Wise phone temp. Was nearly 31-32

    Now also m trying charging after ur msg..see temp. In crate is 33 but external part of phone are like more heated on touch within 5-10 min of charging..may be it will get ok with time becuz now it's less heated in external than yesterday

    Otherwise it's working fine till now..better u should visit service center because they are going to take 10-12 days minimum for phone repair and before. Going to service center better u chk out ur phone by. Testing all thing by typing .12345+ then. Press = after that and test all function there

    I haven't faced restart problem till now..but going to chck out my phone 5-7 days more

  • Do you use 2 sims? If yes then do you have dual 4g option on? Also if no then please try using 2 sim with dual 4g on and tell us.

  • @Akash Gupta m using only 1 sim till now jio 4g

    I have one sim which is not active..should I try by inserting tht sim or with both active sims

    Earlier also I was using single sim when this restart while charging problem started happening

  • bro my phone gets locked and restared after reaching 40 degrees, and as I said that I can't play games anymore, so by going to service centre, will all these problems be solved?🥺 I mean, heating is normal but device restarting and screen blackout while device heating is not normal.

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