[5Z] Minor and major battery issues!

Alice RenautAlice Renaut Level 1
edited December 2020 in ZenFone 5 Series
  1. The low battery warning option, in the settings, says it will warn the user in 15% and 5%, but warns in 14% and 4%.
  2. The % indicator does not follow in real time, when it is at 12% in an activity for 10 minutes, it goes down to 11%, but from 11% to 10% it does not last 30 seconds. (Numbers given as an example, do not indicate percentage or time accuracy).
    1. Sometimes, I put it to charge with 10%, it jumped to 12%, rising to 13%, immediately when connecting.
    2. The first 10% of battery, after a 100% charge, does not last even the time of the last 3%.
  3. There is a considerable battery drain after the Android 10. (Not shown on Android 9.)


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