Zenfone 7 Huge problem with camera, latest Sept Update 29.13.7. 24



  • @Admin @Admin so basically I have no choice but to deal with sharp and over COnrasted photos with the hotfix update because my camera will stop working on November 1. Are you going to fix how the software renders the faces? You just said in your post that asus is committed to providing the best camera and video experience. Has anyone been listening to my concern? Last night I spent 6 hours reinstalling all my apps and emails and logins because when I updated to ur hotfix update, my concerns has not been addressed, I went back to the previous firmware. And now ur saying to update to hotfix but then again I will be stuck with the camera quality that I don't like. Will somebody please help me. My frustration is really high because I bought zenfone 7 pro.

  • @Anders_ASUS thank you for your reply. Now the confusion has reached new heights, as o e of ur admins stated that after Nov 1, the camera will stop working. And you are saying it will keep working. For a device that is marketed a photography king, we now know that it has a lot of limitations. And will you please forward the feedback to those people who can make the changes. I know I am just one person and Im not even a tech vlogger with millions of followers but I sincerely hope my voice is heard. I moved mountains just to buy this device as this device is not available in the country where I am living. And now I am stuck with this experience.

    1. When you said that facebook is favored by samsung note 20, ok I understand that all my facebook live and Instagram live will use the telephoto camera zoomed in cropped.

    2. I cannot use my Google Pay anymore.

    3. I have high contrast sharpness and oily face in my selfies.

    4. My camera will stop on November 1.

    5. I lost my over the air update.

    6. I spent more than 24 hours in total just to reinstall all my apps and logins due to my phone being erased multiple times.

    7. I spent tons of money just to buy this phone because this phone is not available in my cou try.

    8. Spent tons of money to order accessories and screen protector from overseas because is not available in my country.

    9. When you to take a picture in whatsapp it takes it in telephoto lens where it is completely dark.

    And I'm still willing to overlook all of this for a good selfie.

    I swear I love this phone. But seriously, you're breaking my heart.

    It is dramatic. But spending a thousand dollars and not fighting for it is so much worse.

    @Admin @Admin

  • I think you should have waited for 1 or 2 updates before unlocking your bootloader because this phone was launched only one month ago and there will be a lot of updates to optimize skin tone, sharpness and dynamic range.

    And also I have a question for you,

    Have you ever unlocked bootloader for your phone and did you know the consequences of unlocking bootloader (before you unlocked bootloader on your asus zenfone 7) ?

    To my knowledge there is only two issues with the camera.

    1. Wrong implementation of camera2api

    2. Higher sharpness on human face.

    And also dxomark also spoke about the sharpness issue so the issue will probably will be fixed.

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    Unlocking the bootloader was partly my fault as I just pressed enter enter next without reading the consequences. I thought unlocking the bootloader would allow me to downgrade to previous firmware clearly this was not the case.

    I was told by one of the admin that they will not fix the oily face and high contrast and sharpness on the faces.

  • That was before dxomark did their review, dxomark is one of the biggest smartphone camera review website and they saying that sharpness is an issue will force the developers to change it. And also the moderator also said that there will be updates optimizing the camera and the sharpness level might be lowered.

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    @veeharish2005 Thank you. One of the admin just told me they have no plans to fix the sharpness and they likened it to gcam as alot of people like gcam. I used gcam and it is unforgiving to skin tones that's why I don't used it. But he did say that even though they don't have plans to fix it "they are not closing their doors" on this issue. Which basically it means I have to deal with it. I'm staying at firmware version which I am perfectly happy with the skin tones, I am. The selfies looks fantastic. The best in class. I came from P40 pro, S20 ultra, Note 10+, Note 20 Ultra. None of them compare to Asus Zenfone 7 Pro in this version But with all these updates they are going backwards. So I am quite particular about this.

    Last night I was anxious about this issue found it hard to sleep hahaha and was thinking hard how I'm going to have a solution for this. Thanks my friend.

  • There is no issue with the z7pro back camera when using third party apps, so i think Asus is at least half responsable of the bad image quality of selfie pictures and video with third party apps.

  • Ok, when it comes to taking selfies and selfie videos, there's no other selfie camera like the one on ZF7Pro. It's unique with the best sensor and OIS. But... when we use a selfie camera in 3rd party apps, it's mainly to make video calls and they are many times long calls. This produces a lot of heat. Because of this, we use the wide view lens and crop it as it doesn't get as hot with prolonged use. So this is ofc also part of the reason why and there's really no way around it. Since the back camera is rarely used for (long) video calls, we allow the main camera to be used.

  • @Anders_ASUS this is really a sad discovery. Because, the small punch hole cameras in samsung iPhone and huawei are very clear when used with video calls. And we have to admit that the wide angle lens cropped, is not really the most flattering solution. But not all 3rd party apps are for video calls. That's why it is important that 3rd party apps be able to use the main camera in some circumstances.

    Because what happens, is that my whatsapp take dark and unflattering pictures when sending photos to my friends directly from the app, which my friends will think that I am using a cheap inferior phone. Anders, it just cheapens our experience.

    To be honest I wanted to really agree when you said that there is no other selfie camera like zenfone pro, partly because I am stuck in the old firmware where I find that the selfie camera pictures are amazing! However this thread is for the issue that I am having and I can't update to new firmware because it is VERY UNFLATTERING to the skin. The ISSUE of major sharpness and contrast.

    It feels really tough to be in my position you know. Because everything I say, I don't get help or a solution from you guys.

    I feel really unimportant and ASUS is insensitive to my feelings and point of view. Especially when you have recognized that and DXOMARK sees that ASUS ZENFONE 7 PRO makes the faces REALLY SHARP AND HIGH CONTRAST,

    and the reply that I get is that you have programmed the camera like GCAM and alot of people like GCAM, is really insensitive.

    If I upgrade to the newer firmware, I really have no way of taking decent selfies because even if we use 3rd party apps and shoot from there the quality is not on par because it uses wide angle lens cropped and this JUST ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH.

    Anders, lts tough when you say that Zenfone 7 Pro is the best, but let's admit that the experience is very complicated.

    And you know what the most painful part is? When you told me that ASUS knows my issue and you are being honest when you told me ASUS DOESN'T HAVE ANY PLANS ON SOLVING YOUR ISSUE CHARLES.

    you did say that you were not closing your doors about the camera selfie issues.

    But please do understand that I MADE IMMENSE EFFORTS to buy this phone because this is not for sale currently in my country.

    I was blown away with the selfie for about two weeks and then after I upgraded to your software updates only to get my skin look as unflattering and as sharp with high contrast.

    DON'T GET ME WRONG, I am still thankful that your team has helped me to switch back to previous firmware, but your team is also saying that my camera will stop working on NOV 1.

    So I am being forced to update to a camera quality again that I am not happy.

    Anders, please tell them to find a way to make the selfies look great and not oversharpened.

    Anders please ask them to find a way to at least use the main camera on 3rd party apps (that lens is good)

    Again Anders thank you for listening

  • How is it a heat issue when the main camera is used when flipped (thus more area exposed to air, thus more heat dissipation) than when you film or stream using the main camera when not flipped ?

    I don't really understand the issue as it should heat more when used as a main camera, up to 8K or when streaming/calling but using it to film.

    Also, when doing a call, you can use the manual flip control to still use the main camera in "selfie" mode, only the image is reversed, so how can it be an issue if a workaround works ?

    Can't it be added as a "poweruser" setting (with an alert message when choosing) to put the main camera as the selfie cam by default in third party apps ?

    At least allow it to take photos is videos are a problem, the wide camera quality when cropped is really bad in third party apps.

  • But to be honest, the wide angle camera sensor the sony imx 363 which is the main camera sensor in Google pixel 3,4,5 and asus zenfone 5z. I suspect that the app developers are optimising their app's for popular devices (or atleast the manufacturer is reaching out to the app developers to optimize the app for their device)

    Can anyone compare the wide angle quality between stock camera app and 3rd party apps?

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    When I sent the picture in whatsapp application camera directly to my friends they always comment why I look so ugly and tired or other funny comments telling me how tired I look. They all ask me what phone I'm using and when I tell them ASUS they say why not use Samsung or iPhone for better camera?

    The annoying technique here is to take a picture in asus camera app (but my firmware version is and Reload it in Instagram or whatsapp. Which kind of annoying.

    But the most frustrating is when you do facebook live or Instagram live, it will use the wide angle dark camera


    The problem here is how can the great MAIN CAMERA be used as standard on all apps?

    other wise they should have marketed the phone as GREAT CAMERA ONLY ON OUR ASUS CAMERA APP, otherwise BAD CAMERA with MAJOR APPS.

  • 1. Sony imx 363 is a flagship sensor, asus can get the same image quality of the main camera if they put enough resources into it, so no it is not a poor camera.

    2. As you said, the samsung galaxy s20 takes better pictures then asus zenfone 7 in 3rd party apps, so the apps developers are definitely optimizing their app's for those famous devices because a camera with a small sensor cannot beat a fully fledged flagship sensor.

    3. The developers of those apps are just being lazy and following the "don't improve it if it works" method.

    4. I don't think using the main camera will improve the quality by a margin.

    4. I don't agree with @Anders_ASUS about the reason for the apps using the wide angle, a more valid reason would have been that asus zenfone 7 is marketed as a vlogging smartphone so it would make sense to use the wide angle camera for the 3rd party apps.

    5. I still think that asus should make it use the main camera because users are requesting that and also Google camera also uses the wide angle.

  • There was a new update yesterday Oct 29. Can anyone confirm that it still has the over sharpness and high contrast on faces?

  • @Anders_ASUS I did not upgrade to the hot fix firmware, and now my motor stopped working and my camera doesn't flip anymore. I was just changing the setting of my camera flip sound and it got stuck and stopped working completely. How do I get this fixed is there any asus shop here in UAE? please help

  • PS I have already upgraded just now to the newest firmware. And my camera motor is still not working. Please help

  • If you set your device at a date before november does it work?

  • Is it the camera motor that is not working?

    Is the camera working fine?

  • Thanks for the reply. I tried that and nope it still doesn't work.

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    The camera motor is not working anymore. I uploaded a video please take a look. What happened was that around Nov 1, 12:30 in the morning, I was in the camera setting trying to change the camera sound when it flips. And for some reason it got stuck in 90 degree position. And I tried going to camera retraction/calibration immediately and that did not help. I restarted the phone and it was still the same. The motor seems disconnected from the camera.

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