How to change the memory reserved for the GPU in UM431DA

jceajcea Level 1
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This is a UM431DA, BIOS 3.01 (It came with 3.0, I just upgraded, I still can't find anything relevant), Ryzen 3700U RAM: 16GB . Booting Linux I see that the GPU is taking 2GB of RAM away. I am not a gamer and my GPU needs are tiny. I would rather prefer to configure the BIOS to reduce that reservation and preserve RAM for my actual needs (CPU).

Other laptops allow changing the GPU reservation via the BIOS, sometimes thru hidden advanced menus. I don't see anything video related in this BIOS (version 3.01, released in Dec 2019), even in "advanced" menu, and I don't know if there are hidden menus accessible via a magical key combination.



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