Features that can be added in Zenfone Max Pro M2 (Version WW-17.2018.2007.428)

Some features that can be added and that can be removed:

1) "Close all applications" button in recent screen also can be added.

2) Even after replacing files with files go, certain settings is asking whether to open it in files or files go. (Unnecessary wasting space with two apps of same kind).

3) Remove some of the apps like Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

4) Bubble notification is enabled but no bubbled notifications till now. Please work on this.

5) Nearby Share doesn't turn on the wifi when "turn on wifi" button is clicked.

These features are just addons (to the existing android 10 beta build Version WW-17.2018.2007.428) to improve the experience.

Suggest any addons in comments if you find any.


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