Vivobook hanging a lot

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I am using vivobook 15, and facing a lot of problems regarding hanging. Whenever I try to open adobe photoshop the system does not respond, and I have to restart it. I do not know why is it happening.

My laptop specs are as under:



Nvidia 840M graphics card

I need to use adobe photoshop because I am designing graphics for my client's commercial carpet cleaner website.


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    1. allow the executable files of photoshop application in the exclusive lists of antivirus softwares and under windows defender .
    2. also add the executable files of photoshop application in controlled folder access.
    3. , disable installed antivirus softwares and microsoft defender .
    4. installed the latest updates of adobe photoshop application. also installthe latest whql dch driver from nvidia website

    5 .replace 500HDD to 1TB or SSD sata 3 for windows 10.

    6.also delete possible scheduled tasks are registered automatically in windows , type below command with admin rights

    SchTasks.exe /delete /tn * /

    7.disable all possible applications listed under startup using task manager

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    Well, thanks for your suggestions. I think I need to upgrade to the SSD only then I can work out and use adobe photoshop freely to make graphics for my client's commercial carpet cleaner website.

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    sure you must upgrade hdd to SSD. but make sure how many HDD or SSD ports are available in your laptop. to check this to go bios, use mouse slide the arrow Mark.

    in my laptop three ports are available .

    one sata Port, one dvd writer port, one m.2 sata SSD port.

    so I filled all ports.

    one seagate 2tb hdd 5400rpm sata port.

    removed dvd writer added seagate 2tb hdd 5400rpm sata Port.

    added Samsung 860 Evo m.2 2280 sata 250gb.

    My laptop with windows 10 v2004 64bit running smoothly without problems

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