Game Genie suggestions, (battery percentage and screen recorder)

CravenCraven Level 3
edited October 2020 in ROG Phone 3

Since having Navigation Blocking enabled prevents you from accidentally swiping the status bar down, you can't easily see your battery % while in the game. I'd have to pull out the game genie from the side and disable Navigation blocking again to swipe the status bar down. This is such a hassle, i could also activate real time info but it's too much clutter on my screen. Please just add the battery percentage to the side where the CPU clock speed and temps are located in the game genie. And also for the game genie screen recorder, please give us an option for an even smaller icon, the one we currently have is too big for me and i accidentally keep tapping on it while gaming since i don't have anywhere else to put it. Maybe just a simple red square icon to indicate that it's recording should suffice, I don't really need to know the recording time. Maybe the devs can label it as "Simple" or "minimalist" design.


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