[5Z] Individual Opinion About What Solution Might Be To Clearing The Update Of Claim

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For first line , I need say sorry about my English grammar and vocabulary may not correct , but I'll try my best . . . . . . Haha

  1. Model Name : Asus ZenFone 5Z (Z01RD)
  2. Rooted or not : No

Recent days , there are a lot of discussions , are starting to request ASUS reconsiders supplying a chance for ZenFone 5z to extend her product lifecycle .

The issues most focus on ZenUI/A11 OS update and it is been a key point . Because it's relevant The User Experience of numerous Z5's users . I love these heat interaction .

But sometimes . . . we do need back to the bread-and-butter business of ASUS , the one of titan electronics manufacturer , is depending on physical electronics sale to turn a profit , not by type the codes as the staple to serve client up to earn a margin . Z5 indeed is the successful blockbuster on most business markets after market segmentation strategy acted . Even switched to niche markets at later , she still has brilliant shipment . In Z5's shelf life , ASUS had given her basic 2 years after-sale-service like what Samsung usually done .

Unfortunately , Samsung play off the new game . They are announced something about their FOTA update will rolling out at least 3 years on their flagship models from S10 to later models and included some budget models such as A series . It is shaking entire android ecosystem . The first OEM manufacturer is being a bellwether and engaging on upside and potential impression of user . This is a powerful method to catch prospects .

SO , How to face the threat in present situation . OS update or UI update ? It is a good question . In my opinion , I guess the OS update always better than UI update . It is easily to implement and less source to maintain , not to mention no need to create more custom codes or have to debug .

It is a good deal with reduce time waste and decrease source dispersion . Future is not almost perfect , life also . Here is the compromised solution simple to prove , I purposed .




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