Zenfone 5 android 10 Beta 3 errors

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Problem 1:

The sound level is very low. We have to increase it to 80% levels for the sound to be heard.

Problem 2:

I like the front camera obviously better than pie. Only quality and fps should be increased. The rear camera has poor color saturation and looks Retro (Too dark).

Problem 3:

Phone performance has decreased. Its interface is more fluid but Game performance is lower. Pubg HD problem in the first updates of Android 9 also occurs in this update.

Problem 4:

The notification bar is not full screen. When we download the notification the only available time is the time specifier.

Problem 4:

We cannot get full screen support. I cannot get this function or hide it even though I use any system navigation bar.

Problem 5:

Wallpaper does not match the screen. When installing the wallpaper, there are sometimes serious shifts. Sometimes they get ridiculous places.

Problem 6:

My phone supports 4.5G but it says 4G in the notification bar.

Problem 7:

No screen recording. It comes with Android 10, but you must have forgotten to add this feature.

Problem 8:

No ZenUI :) I expect it to come with stable version. The AOSP version offers a very old look. For this reason, I did not report an error by uploading it. But nobody


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