Start Menu Shutdown--->Immediate Restart--->Bitlocker (Solved)

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  1. System: Zenbook UM425IA BIOS 303
  2. Battery or AC: Either
  3. Model: UM425IA-NH74
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Every shutdown from start menu
  5. Reset OS: Tried several Windows 10 options to no avail.
  6. BIOS reset: This was the fix. Though I had made no manual BIOS changes, setting to "optimized defaults" fixed the problem.


Detailed description:Had a really strange issue starting yesterday on my 3 day old Zenbook. If I shutdown my Zenbook with Windows 10 Pro from the start menu, it would complete shutdown, power light would flash momentarily, laptop would restart, and then the Windows 10 Bitlocker blue screen would prompt for key.

Further oddities:

  1. If I restarted from the start menu rather than shutting down, the BItlocker prompt would not appear and the laptop would restart normally.
  2. If I did a hard power off with the power button and then turned the laptop back on it would start normally without the Bitlocker prompt.
  3. Doing a command line full shutdown would not shutdown the laptop (this may have nothing to do with the issue).

I tried several Windows power option fixes from the web and these had no effect. Afterwards, I finally just went into the BIOS and looked around wondering if something like LAN wake up was the cause. I didn't see anything obviously off, but decided to do a BIOS reset to optimized defaults and this fixed the issue.

I have no idea the source of the issue or why this particular phenomena prompted Bitlocker to believe there was a problem. However, since the fix for the problem was so simple in the end, I thought it worth posting in case anyone else had seen the this. I also don't know if this just released 303 BIOS version was the problem or not.

If any forum bigger brains have more info, please chime in.


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