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Have asked for this many times but never got any clear answer. All you guys say is problem is from Amazon side. So what do u expect now users should beg Amazon to bring HD support. Isn't this ur responsibility ASUS. Seriously regret buying this phone . You have done this for Zenfone 6z users ..why can't you do the same for us. Please reply mods.

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    This is unfortunately not in hands of ASUS to add devices of amazon HD support list and the reason behind why 6z was added to support list later was because 6z was in way of getting popularity where its flip camera got attention of many customers as well as youtubers and brands so that is reason why amazon added it to support list and till then it was too late for 5z to get in line ASUS asked them several times with 6z n rog 2 but the decided to add 6z n rog 2 but not 5z

    I hope you understand and yes i can understand it is so sad 5z is left behind somewhere in flagships 😔 and also we can never predict coming future and 5z users can do nothing than to wait

    5z may or may not get HD support 🤞


  • Most probably we won't get this feature . Its sad to see a flagship phone doesn't have these basic features.But we don't have any other options rather than waiting😔

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