Black crush issue

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Hello , so this post is for all Rog 3 users here , i need a confirmation on whether the black crush issue is only seen in 8+128GB variant or its widely spread for all Rog 3 variant .

Users please mention your Rog 3 variant and confirm whether you have the issue or not


  • 8GB model.

    Black crush Issue present.

    Market: India

  • Hi @RAIDEN™

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We are currently working on it. Make sure for time being your phone is updated to latest firmware version. 

  • I am having issues in media consumption black area look faded

    Black crush issue on Asus rog phone 3 8gb ram 128gb rom india @asusindia plz resolve this issue asap it's my first asus plz kindly fix this problem

  • same issue brother....get tired annoyed of it....asus needs to fix

    it soon enough

  • NoixNoix Level 1

    On my Rog 3 12/512gb ZS661KS-6A020EU i don’t notice any black crush I also made a side by side with my old Rog 2 and I don’t see nothing.

  • LOL, until today ROG 2 have black crush... Buy another phone if you don't like.

  • shrisakti2812shrisakti2812 Level 1
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    My ROG 3 is 8gb/128gb variant.

    I am also facing the same black crush issue. It is very irritating and annoying. Also there is a shift in red tint while changing refresh rates and lowering the brightness. Asus should fix this ASAP

    Look at the screenshots, literally nothing is visible clearly.

    Check my software version too.

    For red tint issue check this keyboard screenshot, the layout and the space button appears in brown rather than black.

  • Aman89053Aman89053 Level 2
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    It's not showing on the screenshots bro ...but I know what you are talking about..

    I opted for refund ..let's see what happens

    They are not going to fix anything..

    Also there is no official statement from the company (asus) till now.

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