Rog Phone 3 Over heating & Random screen freezing

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog 3 256GB
  2. Firmware Version: 17.0823.200732
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: frequently
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


So I compared my rog 3 to my rog 2 with same usage as follows: 60Hz, Wifi, brightness extremely low (5%), no apps running apart from YouTube. Bluetooth, GPS, Xmode, Sync etc all switched OFF. The Rog 3 reaches 36degress celcius with these low settings and just YouTube playing!!! How is this possible??

Same usage with rog 2, the Rog 2 does NOT go above 25 degrees celcius (BIG DIFFERENCE). However I noticed that with Rog 2, there's only a heating up issue with Android 10, so I've downgraded to Android 9 and it's perfect. Unfortunately downgrade isn't possible with Rog 3 as it released with Android 10.

I can't imagine how hot the Rog 3 will get with 90hz 120hz or 144hz with full brightness!! Will probably damage the phone completely. This isn't right !

Also the random screen freeze on rog 3 is annoying, it freezes for about 5 seconds or slightly more when opening recent apps.

The heating issue is by far the most concerning, I mean 36degrees celcius with just YouTube playing on lowest refresh rate (60hz) and 5% brightness, imagine increasing brightness and refresh rate 🤦🤦

Rog 2 on Android 9 is the perfect phone.

Please developers, fix this. I paid good money for my rog 3 and to be honest it's a fantastic phone let down by these issues. If you can fix these issues then rog 3 will hands down be the ultimate phone. Perhaps you rushed the release without perfecting the phone. A phone should not launch with such serious issues.

I look forward to hearing from you, thanks alot 🙏


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    I had the same issues (plus battery running low too fast) and they just disappeared when I set the refreshing rate to 144hz and started charging my phone with fast charge while turned on.

    I can't really explain why but the more I stress it and treat it like I don't care about its wellbeing (I thought slow charge would preserve battery life on the long run, same as charging it with the phone turned off but it seems like this phone doesn't like to be treated like it's on a dying bed AHAHAH

    Have fun with your phone, stop caring about preserving battery and use it full boost. Apparently it's meant to be like this and doesn't like to do otherwise ahahah!

  • I'll give this a go, as strange as it sounds lol, but even still the heating issue is concerning 🤦

  • If what you say is true, then this is ofc something we need to fix. But most of the times when observations like these are made, there might be something in the test that was not the same, something that probably played a big part in why there's such a big difference.

    I have a ROG Phone 3 here that has been playing youtube 1080p for 10 minutes with your settings. It started at 25C and it's still at 25C

  • I have no idea why yours stays at 25 degrees 🤦 especially with same settings as mine. But it seems the overheating is happening to many other users too. Personally, I blame Android 10 because my Rog 2 was perfect on Android 9 but since Android 10 the Rog 2 has gone down hill. Perhaps a thorough test with multiple devices is needed along with a nice software update to balance things out. I do believe it's software related and not hardware related . Thanks for the reply btw

  • It might be software but it's not an issue that everybody are sharing. My opinion is that A10 and A9 are equally good but you need A10 for security and some other stuff. There's no reason to stay at A9 except for old apps that isn't fully compatible with A10

  • Can you please tell your ambient temps ? Cause my ROG3 never went that cold .

  • Same, the coldest temp my phone has reached is 31°C

  • Exactly and in air conditioned room upto 29ish .

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    And mine never goes up above 20°C 😂😂 mods u need to fix this heating issue i put my device near ac so my phone always cold otherwise always more than 30°C

  • Hi all

    Please monitor the issue after the upcoming FOTAs, I believe there can be improvements. Thank you

  • Yes seriously rog 3 has heating issue,if the phone is in rest condition there's also temperature is above 32 degree Celsius.

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    Especially while charging(Hyper Charge), My phone hits 42 degree Celsius. I have a real concern on this. Black crush is Ok, Screen balance app or in future Asus may give updates. But I have a thought to replace the unit. Is every one facing the peak heating issue while charging. Kindly let me know if this is a software or hardware issue . Or any procedure to keep the phone cool. I think snapdragon 865+ is the culprit here

  • Dear ASUS mods,

    My Rog Phone 3 idles at 44 and in armoury crate the temps are

    CPU - 44

    GPU - 43

    SYSTEM - 38 ( All in Celsius )

    The ambient temperature is around 34 C.

    Is this normal? Would this damage my device? Please answer.

    Thank You

  • Also why does the GPU idle are 670 MHz when even desktop GPUs idle at 300 MHz.?

  • i am facing the same heating issue. My phone's idle temperature is "

    System temp: 30 degree C

    GPU: 670MHz ; Temp: 39 degree C

    CPU: 2.07GHz ; Temp: 37 degree C

    SW Ver: WW_17.0823.2007.47

    All the measurements are done on idle mode... And phone was not used for 2hrs before taking this reading

    Other Technical observations:

    1- It is only supporting 2CA (Carrier aggregation) on LTE while my mobile carrier supports 3CA LTE.... My Samsung S9 shows 3CA. As per specs, this phone was supposed to support 7CA LTE

    2- VoLTE is by default disabled and it cannot be enabled from Engineering mode


  • Same issue. My phone's ideal temperature is 32°C. While charging, normally goes to 45°C but at one time it went up to 49°C. While playing games its ambient temperature rises to 42-45°C, without X mode on. Please correct it whatever the reason is. A gaming phone should not heat this much.

  • Me the same temp always high when u charge ir hyper it hit 47C temp

    I put all the setting liw even i connect the fan when i put phone hotspot it goes very hot

  • @Anders_ASUS

    Here is my phone temperature

    That's after watching YouTube for 5 mins

    This is while charging. Not to mention while charging and playing game at the same time.

  • Hyper charging will do that to your phone. This is nothing new and it will happen on most fast charging phones depending on where you are in the charging process.

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