The .92 version seems to have been made over the .70, not the .87.

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Model: ZS620KL (ASUS ZenFone 5Z 4GB / 64GB)

Firmware: (WW)

Status: Non-rooted

Issue: I would like to know why the .92 version brought back bugs from the .70 version.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-TOUCHSCREEN ISSUE-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

In recent months, not only me, but other ZenTalk users have been debating with moderators about a problem presented by the touchscreen response.

(@amitgarde3 @JonathanSR @555yash555 @kunal1217 @Abhinav @henrique.pereira.017 @jochman84 @Redlith @lmvqymwicuqwioetfb @bharanivijay69 @Chintan Devganiya @christianrodrigues1981 @burakterzi91 @subhojit.dey @archilsoni412)

This problem was characterized by the fact that the panel's response did not match the movement of sliding the finger slowly (necessary, as an example, for precision in shooting games).

  1. Until the .70 version, we had been stuttering every time we tried to move the camera slowly.
  2. In the .87 version, although not 100% solved, the problem had been significantly improved.
  3. Now, in the .92 version, the problem is back, just as it was in the .70 version.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-MEDIA VOLUME SLIDER ISSUE-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Not only the panel problem, but also a minor issue of the .70 version is again presented in the .92, which is the inconsistent Media Volume slider.

When you open the audio settings screen and start sliding this option, you will soon see that something is wrong, you will only be able to slide from one end to the other at once if you do it slowly.

It had also been fixed in the .87 version, now it's back in .92.


This way it looks like the .92 version was made over the .70, not the .87.

Any chance of that happening? If not, I'd like you to check what was done to cause this backward step in the touch panel solution (which was well forwarded) at the same time as it brought back the volume option issue.

Please, bring back .87 fixes and improvements.

Again! Both bugs present in the .70, improved/resolved in the .87 and now back in the .92.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-TROUBLESHOOTING INFO-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The problems are also present in "Safe Mode".

The following solutions have been tried:

  • Tweak in various standard and developer configurations.
  • Factory reset with or without backup recovering (via settings and Recovery Mode).
  • Downgraded to Pie version and upgraded to 10 again.


  • @gabriel_prado can you get me back to EN?

  • I also felt this day before yesterday that the multiple touch jitter is present while playing PoopG (PUBG mobile) btw

    "Also I want devs to at least give us App Locking feature in recent apps. There are many instances I face where I need to lock apps in RAM". At least add this simple thing to UI without adding bugs here and there.

    We're not going to get VoWiFi, ViLTE, Small Incoming Call Screen when on Home Screen, in Settings page or inside any App. Many things are still lacking. Can't expect to get this.

  • Yes, alot more was about to fix regarding touch which exists from A 8.0 we were very close to get a fix where in .87 we saw a bit improvement and now this touch problem is back in .92 also alot of problems in this firmware more like game genie record option,battery backup,AM/PM invisible n wrong battery stats

    I dont think latest .92 was a really good update to 5z we expect improvements to be made in coming update please look into all problems

    Thanks 😊

  • But the smoothness in System UI very good in .92, I still believe this smoothness should retain to rest of the remaining update(s) for 5z.

  • The smoothness came in .87, the only .87 fix that they retained.

    Particularly, if they get back to the level of improvement for the touch panel bug they had in .87, I'm good.

  • The ui animation speeds and touch response in the UI is actually way better than in .87

    The UI used to freeze in .87

    In .92 thats better but the touch in games and also everything else is down to crap again.

  • Don't know how old bugs come back. If a small change devs do for smoothness whole Touch gets bad.

    {Then there are some new bugs like "Screen Recording Button" doesn't work from game genie while playing any game, Screen Rotation Bug people registers, Heavy "Battery" Drain while using Phone, Idle drain is good.}

    The main specific changes we wanted are not going to come. So at last we have only option left and that is to register more bugs.

    But I fear when the bug fix tenure will end then if we find a bug at a place that we as of now don't go or use but will find in future then what we'll do?

  • They already removed 5Z from the official store here in Brazil. :(

    Now the moderators are not being able to reproduce the touch bug after months of threads and messages (since old ZenTalk) we've done. They reproduced before and can't do now.

    The best I could do was downgrading to Pie and upgrading to .87, turning off updates.

    No hope, cause as ever, 1 bug fix = 3 new bugs. Select the firmware where the bugs less affect you and stay.

  • Hi friends

    Thank you for your asking. Everyone, kindly provide the information below so that I can further checking.

    >>Screen Touch Delay of Gaming

    1. Does the screen delay only occur in gaming?

    2. Which gaming apps? Which version? (Please do update to the latest version first)

    3. The screen touch improved in V87, and get worse again in V92?

    4. Touch is not sensitive at which place of the screen? Top, bottom, right, left..?

    5. Please perform the factory reset first, and provide me the video recorded by another phone, the video must present the gaming process and finger performance.

    >>Media Volume Slider

    6. Can you provide me any video or screenshot to clarify the question?

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    Software verison 5z- .92

    After Reset ,

    Pubg version:- 0.19.0


    2 finger👆


    1 finger 👆

    Please focus on mountains and nearby areas on slower slides graphics which are stuttering alot like bruno said it feels graphics are vibrating dont concentrate on caracter but concentrate on mountains,trees and other things this problem exists since Android 8

    I can say sliding UI animation during slides is smoother and fluid than every update before like say if i slide all apps or any webpage no stutters at all and sliding webpages is so smoother now no complains


    Stutters and jitters are only observed during gameplay as it was present early and we were so close to fix but not yet fixed fully and feels that .87 firmware was good in terms of touch than present .92 this is what bruno is saying n even i observe

  • When we'll be getting a stable build for 5z? When the time will come when I'll feel the actual smoothness?

  • Getting low data speed on mobile data while i was in .92 version i.e, latest ( in jio and airtel 4g). So to check whether its operator problem or rom, i came back to .87 using fastboot rom after trying several methods( factory reset , network reset etc.) and mobile data was giving best speed but then again for recheck i updated to .92 via OTA but gets low data speed on Mobile data!.

    I use jio and airtel 4g and both gives a good data speed in my area.

  • Hi friends

    We tested PUBG with 2 devices, .87 and .92, yet we didn't find specific difference in the background. However, I noticed that the videos provided by Amit have some lagging in the background. I am now waiting for Amit's logs and videos for further checking. Anyone who has .92 devices and faces the similar issue, please provide me the gaming video (note with the issue timing) for primary checking.

    Hi Dir3WolF

    For your case, have you ever rooted or unlocked your device before? Do you aware the speed difference in the same place with same signal performance? (4G v.s 4G or 4G plus v.s 4G plus). If you haven't rooted or unlocked, I may need your mobile data speed screenshot and logs for both version for further checking.

  • Yes i unlocked and rooted my device once but now the device is unrooted and locked. Its hard to share mobile data speed screenshots now as i have already done twice and i have a lot of data to backup.

    And yes i changed the version on the same place and same time , same day and saw a significant difference in mobile data speed.

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    I'm currently on latest update .92. There is definitely stutters when use my touch input in PUBG mobile. I can prove it.

    1. Check the smoothness without any touch input. 0 touch is done by using gyro in PUBG settings, so not finger touch input is required. I found when no touch input is involved, the camera movement is much smoother.

    2. Here compare with 1 and 2 finger touch input.

    (2 fingers input.(

    (1 finger input)

    Edit: Also there is an Auto rotation bug in 5z. The screen not rotating as intended. Thought I should add here.

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