Asus ROG 3 buying options...

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So AliExpress is offering global version units for 800$ and eBay the same stuff... other sellers are offering global rom phones and idk if this is gonna work globally or not or just it will be not able to update later and it will be obsolete thanks to no updates and I don’t know what to do I need to buy this phone...


  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
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    You want the version with the most bands and it costs more than 800$. But please don't buy from AliExpress/eBay. The risk of buying the wrong phone is very high. I always recommend buying local stock where available and this device will launch in the US.

  • It's too much money to be taking a gamble mate. This is £20 we're talking about this is 800. Just be careful because some will advertise as global ROM you might think you're getting you're getting the global/international phone but really it's the Chinese variant with a custom ROM slapped on. From what I can see on AliExpress they do tend to list the banding in the description, on eBay some sellers might but yeh. It's like what Anders said mate just wait a bit for it to be officially released. May cost a bit more as opposed to AliExpress but atleast you're not gambling 800 on whether the bands might work and you'll also get Asus warranty aswell. Any grey import voids warranty

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