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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this and sorry if this one has been posted before. I've been seeing alot tencent version of the ROG phone 3 Global ROM in various market places. Heck, even the official Asus store in Aliexpress is also selling them.

Can anyone of the mods here confirm if the PSA from ROG Phone 2 applies to ROG Phone 3 as well? TIA!



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    Yes! You should NOT buy "ROG Phone 3 Tencent edition" with Global ROM as this combination is NOT supported by ASUS. Another important thing to consider is that these phones are only covered by warranty in their origin country (China) and ASUS China do not accept warranty claims outside of China. Normally you can return a damaged product to the dealer but we've seen that many dealers that sells the Tencent Edition + Global ROM do not honor warranty claims. So you take a HUGE risk buying the Tencent Edition if you live outside of China.

  • @Anders_ASUS thanks for the response and confirmation. appreciate if you can spread this PSA to all your media outlets so more people will know about this.

  • I agree, I was not aware of this and suffered for Rog Phone 2, but lucky enough to get it successfully converting to global version but not advised for tech noob and won't be doing the same for ROG PHONE 3, I'll wait for global version to be available in my area henceforth.

  • In dubai region i dont see any offical announcement for the phone, as of now availibility of ROG PHONE 3 is TENCENT VERSION with GLOBAL ROM. I would like to see what asus has the asnwer for this???

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    We have a global announcement that you shouldn't buy Tencent version with Global ROM.

    We do not sell ROG Phone 3 in Dubai. This is the reason why you can only find the grey imported Tencent version and there's nothing we can do about. It's not illegal for local stores to grey import.

  • As a game changer premium gaming phone , for countries which all you dont cover atleast in the official site you could have kept an option for online purchase ,so that every one gets the genuine device . For eg:- Nubia red magic 5g, on their official site there is pruchase option in which the device gets shipped on customers demand. So as asus had a premium launch only some part of the world should get the genuine device as other parts of the world should get the grey imported version. So isnt it unfair for the Rog family fans and customers ?

  • From the start i am in to ROG PHONE GAMING FAMILY !! FROM THE FIRST ROG PHONE in here in dubai i m having the tencent verison with global rom !!! Thought there might be a change when you guys will launch rog phone 2 !!! again i upgraded to rog phone 2 with same spec tencent version to global version as rog phone.!! thought on next arrival the company will do any improvement in purchasing system and as of now still same . Do asus dont have any intenstions that the mobile should reach every corner of the world if not that much atleast for the demanding customers !!!

  • no replies from asus ??So rude dude !!!

  • So I bought a Tencent Version of the Asus Rog 3 I am wondering is this a knock off phone to the REAL Asus Rog 3 phone? Or is this a REAL asus rog 3 phone?

  • I have a question and I am hoping Asus will answer, are the Tencent version phones a knock off version and not the REAL Asus Rog phone?

  • It a partnership with asus. Search on google asus rog phone 3 tencent version.

    Here is what the first website say '' Asus will reveal the Rog Phone 3 in partnership with Tencent, the two companies announced on Weibo. The launch will take place in July, although an exact date is yet to be announced. The phone will have a version deeply customized by Tencent , just like the predecessor ROG Phone II. ''

  • They are ASUS ROG Phones intended for the Chinese market, sold in collaboration with Tencent.

    If you have a Tencent-branded device with WW firmware, you have an unsupported configuration. We can't guarantee it will work as expexcted, which is why we recommend you contact your reseller about a refund.

  • This is self explanatory. Malaysia version is the same as global set.

  • They wont refund me unless I prove its not an actual Asus Rog Phone they are passing it off as the real deal

  • Entoncs no combiene comprar la vercion tencent

    X k biene con fallas

  • Hay personas que afirman fallas en la tencent de no funciona los gatillos de L1 y R1 o que al cargar se apaga

    Asus estas fallas a que se deben

    O son problemas de actualizacion ????????

  • I decided to buy a tencent version despite the downsides. The international version is twice the price of the tencent and I couldn't justify spending that much. I appreciate what the mods are saying but as long as you're fully aware of what you're buying then it's your choice. I know I won't get any support from Asus if something goes wrong but there are wonderful people here and elsewhere who are ready to help. I'm not advocating you buy the tencent version. That's a decision you need to make after doing your research.

  • I also have the tencent edition an it has global rom on it (ww), mine is the strix edition so it has SD 865. So far I have manually updated to latest version .78 via asus website and I am having no problems 610,000+ score on antutu with x mode lvl 2-one heck of a device so far. No bugs or freezing just smooth and premium. The speakers are great also. I also aint advocating you to buy the tencet version do your research too. In regards to coverage I have a 4G plan in saudi arabia and I am not having any carrier problems at all.

  • What annoys me with the ASUS ROG PHONE 3 is that ASUS designed a gaming phone, the most powerful gaming phone in the world, yet unlike Oneplus they have not had and partnerships with Fortnite for 90 fps, so we are stuck still at 30 fps. Also, even PUBG Mobile was 90 FPS on the Oneplus way before the ROG PHONE 3 had got it. ASUS ROG PHONE 3 developers and admin team etc need to screw their heads on right an put more effort in to bring the best experiences to their loyal dedicated customers - the phone itself is a dedicated gaming machine-GIVE USS WHAT WE DESERVE!

  • Yo tengo la versión de tencent y no he tenido ningún problema en absoluto, todo funciona perfecto hasta el momento, pero en lo que consiga una versión normal de asus lo vendo y compro el de 16 gb de ram

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