Camera not focus when zooming in

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ASUS_Z01GD camera not focusing when zooming in . model aka ZS551KL.

Camera works and focus fine when not zooming in.

When zooming in with fingers, the focus is OK for just about 2 seconds, and then lost focus. This begins to happen before fingers leave the screen, right in front of my eyes! 

Model: ASUS_Z01GD (ZS551KL)

OS: Android 8

The APP is the original Asus camera app.

Build Number: OPR1.170623.032.WW_Phone-15.0410.1911.117-0

Did not root

Issue happens persistently.

App name: Asus original Camera

App version:

What I have done:

I have cleared the camera APP data, cache, restarted the phone several times, but to no avail.

Don't know when the issue started, only noticed it today when I tried to close shot a bug. It might have existed for a while, since I recall that when I tried to zoom in for my cat sometime ago, it was clear then lost focus - I thought it might be the light, and did not pay close attention.

This is the result with x4 zoom in:

It becomes really annoying. PLEASE HELP. Thanks.


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