Just going to say it - loss of headphone jack sucks

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I'm just going to say it even though there is nothing I can do about it. The loss of the headphone jack is a tremendous disappointment to me. This phone was tailor made for it. It has a big screen and a huge battery which makes it a prefect media consumption device. I don't game at all and I love this phone. Even MKBHD gave it a very favorable rating last year for this reason alone. I would often sit at my desk with my comfortable headphones on watching YouTube and Netflix on slow days on the ROG2. No worrying about charging bluetooth earbuds and nothing jammed in my ear canal which invariably hurts after a while. And if you are actually a gamer I can't but imagine that a wired headphone and mic would be very much a preferred option. Really believe this was a big mistake. I can't see any reason to have done this with a phone that has plenty of room to keep the jack.



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    Not the same. What if you're on the bus or walking in the street and just want to listen to music while keeping your phone in your pocket? That is unnecessary bulk being added while being no better than a dongle. It's also kinda dumb to have fans running in your pocket when you're simply walking in the streets listening to music.

    To the defense of ASUS however, the lack of headphone jack is a bit expected because the Snapdragon 865 doesn't have an integrated modem and requires a dedicated one which takes up more space on the phone. While this is disappointing it would be inexcusable for their next phone to lack the 3.5mm headphone jack since the next Snapdragon SoC is expected to have an integrated modem again.

    Speaking of the AeroActive Cooler, I wouldn't mind if the ROG Phone lacked the headphone jack if the AeroActive Cooler features a good 3.5mm headphone amp while allowing me to turn off the fans. This would excuse the added bulk and worth carrying around for a walk.

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    I'm going to assume that the reason there is no space is due to the Snapdragon 865 SoC requiring a dedicated modem which I hear takes up some space. Rumors suggest that next year's Snapdragon SoC will have an internal modem again so there shouldn't be a reason for the headphone jack to not return.

    By the way, I'd like to suggest for the ROG Phone 3 or future ROG Phone to come with an accessory that functions as a headphone amp with a 3.5mm jack much like the AeroActive Cooler. I wouldn't mind having slightly extra bulk in my pocket if it means improved audio quality when listening to music on the streets, bus, or train. The ROG Phone would be one hell of a multimedia beast.

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    I know it will not be the same but u say use it on your desk and then it's no problem but on the run its not working.

    But they have USB c to aux in the box what I can see so.

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    One Problem is there and that is We Can't use Type C to 3.5mm Converter + Charging The Phone + AirTriggers 3 at the same time.

    Everytime if we need to use 3.5mm Earphones we need to use AeroActive Cooler in order to charge and use Earphones simultaneously with AirTriggers.

    Actually the charging port should have to be on down right side (not on down left side). ROG 2 had headphone jack so it had no issues but ROG 3. (*_*)

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    Update **

    I don't know if you will be able to have aux adapter and charger on the left side of the phone on the same time on rog phone 3, what I can found out it's not possible on rog 2.. So I think it will be hard to use aux and charge at the same time. But if you anyway stay home or where you going to charge and play at the same time I can't see why not use have aircooler if you anyway going to be on one spot?

    And if you absolut can't use aircooler u can use charge or accesory port on the side and use the normal charge port to be able to use it without but it will not be nice to hold the phone and play that way.

  • The loss of jack, no matter the excuse, is a boomer. There where 3 things that made the ROG 2 special:

    1) The battery.

    2) The performance and hardware.

    3) A truly complete phone.

    Because the jack is missing, it's no longer a "truly complete" phone. It's now become a member of the group of "Phones that abandoned the jack port". For a gaming phone, that was really a step back.

  • Red magic 5g seem to have fit everything just fine (except side ctype ports)

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    Except the after sale support! 😂 They ALWAYS forget that

  • Well i dont expect anything from asus AND redmagic in terms of after sale support. They both are terrible.

  • Trust me red magic is soooo much worse than anything I've heard about asus. Look at the Facebook page reviews. It might be easy to dismiss one or two horrid experiences but dozens after dozens. I had probably the worst experience a person could have. I've yet to see anything come close to it. It's the reason I went with the rog 2 over the red magic 5G. NO REGRETS whatsoever

  • Rog 2 has audio delay while recording which no phones have. We proved that its not hardware limitation and can be fixed by using 3rd party software which records audio with zero delay. After we proved that no mods and devs replied because they knew they were wrong all along. They dont want to fix that thats all. But its a nightmare for all rog users to have this kind of delay in main recorder. Disappointment from asus. Other than that i dont think there is much to complain about red magic. Its nubia, a chinese company. We all know what to expect and if you really want something productive then go for 🍎 apple

  • We're investigating that 3rd party screen recorder before we want to say anything. It previously didn't work with internal audio. It was news to us that it now works but there is still a difference. Our recorder also records the microphone. I don't know if we ever said that it's a hardware limitation. If we did, then I'm sorry. From what I have understood, it's more of a system limitation. With that said, there might be a way around it but it's not a bug and the solution is not as straight forward as you might think.

  • My bad, wanted to say system limitation. How is it a system limitation and whats going on? I want to ask if rog 2 will get similar software features as rog 3 or no?

  • Terrible software support tho

    Last I checked Red magic 3s was on November patch and only got 1 update in its lifetime

    Rm3 didn't even get a10 yet afaik

    Plus no development whatsoever

    Plus after sales service of Asus is a lot better than Nubia globally (including India)

  • I don't know how Android system works. I'm not a developer. It's just my interpretation of what our devs told us in this matter. But they were were clear on that it's not a bug. I tried they game you suggested for checking latency and they way it works, won't let you estimate latency. It basically just tells you the difference between the visual and audible difference in that particular game. Other games and apps reacts differently.

    But the important thing is that we're still investigating. We do of course want our software to work as well as it possibly can.

    Regarding future functionality, this is something I can't comment on before such information is official.

  • Thanks for clearing this up. Hopefully they will update you and us about whats going on inside.

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    Red magic 5g seem to have fit everything just fine (except side ctype ports)

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    I'm Rog phone 2 user and because rog phone 3 not having headphone jack.rog phone is no longer my priority if I want to upgrade.However, if rog phone 4 have a headphone jack than rog phone can be my priority in case I need to upgrade my phone

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