Why pick asus rog 3?

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I can se that rog and Samsung flag ship have almost the same price.

And asus partner with stadia is - for me.

And Samsung will partner up with Microsoft is a + for me.

So my question is what would be the best pick? 🤔


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    Want a good advice? Neither of the two. If you want an Android phone get a cheap one, like a OP 7 Pro that's just U$500 and is a beast. On the other hand if you want a full flagship phone get an iPhone. I'm sorry but it's not worth to spend u$800+ on an Android phone that will have 1000 software issues, not this particular phone (ROG) but Android in general.

  • I as an owner of ROG phone 2, advise you to not go for ROG. My phone worked fine when i purchased it. Over time, i noticed the heat levels increase too much during gaming. Then came the problem of sudden blackouts sometimes. And then finally, one day my display broke from inside. And what did ASUS have to say about this? Denied repair under warranty. Asus After sales support is a joke. And fun fact, my phone is just 4 months old.

    They don't even diagnose your phone for issues. Rather they just tell you to pay money for the repairs.

    Just check the Rog 2 forums if you want to know how many heating, freezing and phone restart issues are there. The device blacks out if the temperature is too high, restarts, switches off, etc.

    So please, save yourself the hassle. Go for an iPhone which costs almost the same as the rog 3 if you not only want good performance but also good quality. Because as much as performance matters, so does the build quality.

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    I don't know how everyone get this heat problem.. I have my rog 2 from launch and I can notis it get wormer but not that it's annoying for me or that it effects the phone. The only thing that's annoying me with asus is that the updates are so far apart and security and so on always is red. And that they show off the accessories for the phone and don't support them in the end. IOS will I never get, I will pay for the spec not the brand.

  • This is the problem dude., Not all the phone are affected but most of them are.. and asus is not doing anything for that.

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    I know that they are not supporting or helping in some cases, I haven't hade any issues but I can see that many others have and I can't see that they fix it for them.. And it sad that they are not adding stuff that the community want becuse it will be more work for them and so on.

    They are reakting like a new programmer that by mistake have created something that work and stick with it becuse thay are afraid that if they change any it will not work any more.

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    I do not undestand why people recomend an iphone as a substitute for a ROG phone... It can be compared with premiun phones like the S20 or Note 20 but I can not see the iphone as a gaming platform.

    For example on apple you do not have xcloud, stadia, geforce now etc....

    In my experience the ROG phone 2 was a disappointment, It is a good phone and I still does not have any issue with the phone, but the main reason for a lot of people to buy a gaming phone are the accessories and the Gamepad and the ROG phone 2 is just awful in this, You can see in the forum that almost NOBODY could use the kunai gamepad to actually play any game and it was not solved since the release of the phone and I do not have any hope they will fix it now.

    The Kunai controller 3 seems better but you can be sure that Asus did not actually play any game when they design the controller (search in the forum for the current kunai controller problems and you can see why) and if the controller have any problem or issue it is almost sure that Asus will not solve it.

    In any case the phone as an overall phone is OK but I would rather recommend other gaming phones before the rog phone.

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    Other gaming phones are ultra meh

    Talking about Black shark and Nubia

    Razor already left mobile gaming segment

    First of all black and nubia have terrible official software support (neither of them got android 10 beta),plus AFAIK nubia red magic 3 still hasn't got android 10 and Black shark 2 got it months after rog 2 did

    Both are on months old security patch and red magic 3s just got one update in its lifetime the last time I checked and is still on pie with November security patch (confirmed with an user a while ago)

    Plus their forums are a mess at least you guys get answers by moderators here there no mod even bothers replying

    Then nubia and bs have no development (gcam/roms etc)

    Asus has a official development program (rog series have it too plus great gcam development)

    Plus the stock ui on rog is much much better than those Chinese craps and has many more features

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    I am pretty happy with the OS in the rog phone II but the main attractive of this phone is to use it as a gaming phone, at least in my case the only way I could ever have a good gaming session with the ROG phone was using the Razer junglecat controller or any other third-party controllers.

    About the forums and the participation of asus.... if you check the ROG phone II forums will see many unresolved problems, the heating issue right now seems to affect A LOT of phones and asus is doing absolutely nothing about it, you can also see some people who have the heating problem and asus deny the warranty.

    You can also see a lot of complaints about the kunai controller because it is just useless due to its keymap, at the beginning Asus reply that they were checking the case with the developer team but after a while they just stop reply and nothing was done to address this issue. In my case I have a Kunai gamepad and I think that it may have under 2 hours of usage in this last year.....

    In the end I am happy with the asus rog phone2 as a normal Phone but I am totally disappointed with it as a gaming phone and also with Asus support. They sold a completely useless controller with a premium price tag and do absolutely nothing to solve its problems. THe Rog phone is a gaming phone so I think this should be one of the priorities from the support team. If you check this forum or XDA will see that almost everybody with the controller complaints about it.

    At the end I can not recomend any Asus phone as a gaming phone. Asus will give a good software support but any problem with the gaming components will remain and will not be address.

    PD: To be totally honest I think that many components from the ROG phone 2 was designed but actually were not tested,it is a joke that a phone with a fan have so many overheating problems and I can not understand who the hell tested the controller to say that is OK, I do not know any single game designed for controller in the last 15 years that does not need start/select buttoms but Asus made a controller without this buttoms.

    Other decisions like making the twin view only working with the asus proprietary dock, when it is just a standard usb 3.1, are at least questionable.

    Maybe the ROG phone 3 does not have any of this problems but in my experience if you have any problem with the gaming components of the phone it will never be solved.

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