Is ROG 2 still the best phone to buy at its price range?

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When I first looked at the ROG 2 I immediately wanted to buy it. But when I did further digging, the seems like a huge flop now with its Android 10 update ie. the battery drains faster, it crashes and lags, and so on. Buying ROG 2 seems like a hit or miss right now because some people says it's the best and some people says it's bad. Would you recommend this phone now? Have you had any problems with?


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    I haven't had problems with it myself and I can get a good 4-5 hours non-stop with 40% remaining playing at low graphic quality. I think when you buy the phone, you have to watch out if it's a Tencent version (says it on the back cover of the phone) and also to be claiming to have WW (AKA Global) ROM which doesn't exists for ASUS. Please have a look at this post before buying:

    If you're looking for good amount of game play hours, then obviously this phone is good with that with the battery capacity, but you must know that everything has a limit like for example, the more quality, it will take more power and therefore uses more battery. So you will need to be fair on how far you go with the device. If not and you're treating the phone has no limits, then this phone will be a problem.

    From a range perspective, I would not go for the lower specification, which is the 8GB RAM but I know money is important and that's entierly up to you - the medium range which is 12GB and 512GB disk space is more than enough unless you're planning to do lots of recording/photos or install loads of games, then you will have the 12GB RAM and 1TB disk space storage.

    ROG 3 is coming out very soon, so if you hold out abit longer, ROG 3 might be a good option to choose.

    The only downside for me is the security patch updates, which I knew about before. But this doesn't stop you from playing on your games and on the phone. You just need to be aware of what you're doing more to protect yourself.

    You will get users who will get bad experience and some will get good experience. The only way to know is actually get your reseller to allow you to try first to make sure there are no problems. I know doesn't happen to some places, but if you can, I would definately recommend it.

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