Google Play System update - Unable to connect games via wifi

futcher76futcher76 Level 1
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I am now unable to connect any games via wifi after receiving a Google Play System update today, 10 July 2020. The patch notes state that it is actually a 1 May security update. Is this something handled by ASUS or Google?

I have tried clearing cache and data, as well as restarting the device multiple times, no luck.

TBH, I do not now if this issue also extends to data as I can only connect via wifi at the moment.

Any help on what to do?


  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    I can't speak on behalf of ASUS - but July or June security patch should be coming up very soon. With these being out of date, it shouldn't stop you from playing games. What games are you trying to use that's not letting you? My last patch update was in May and I am still able to play games. For example: COD and Mario Kart.

    Are you able to connect to websites using a web browser like Chrome or Firefox?

  • Thanks for the reply ronald1985, but it appears the problem has been rectified.

    Funnily enough similar issues were causing havok for our iOS friends with FB SDK failing yesterday. Not sure how my games were effected, since I don't have either an iOS device nor FB.

    But it any case, all is back to normal after multiple resets and cache cleaning.

    But to answer your questions, yes I was able to use the internet and other apps, just not games (pubgm, ldoe, asphalt 9, cod, battle prime).

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