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In Outlook for Android I was going to delete a spam message (supposedly offering some medicine) and my phone instantly shut down. It started to reboot. The Android logo and The republic of Gamers logo appeared and then it started to reboot again. Aft...

OPC by Zen Master II
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is it possible to replace only the display on the rog2?

the service center people have told me that the screen comes as one piece , with the side panels and the airtriggers. this costs 15570 , and the also back panel cracked when i dropped the phone previously. when they remove the back panel to fix the ...


If anyone would have a solution to this I would appreciate.I was going to delete a spam email in Outlook for Android. A kind of I receive tens of every day. Didn't open any attachment. The phone just crashed and started to reboot..The Android and The...

OPC by Zen Master II
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Remove lock screen blur

Give us an option to disable the lock screen blur please it appears even when i watch an youtube video.

Noir by Rising Star I
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ROG Phone 2 Freeze, cannot do anything

Himy phone Rog phone 2 freeze. i already tried hold power button, connect USB to PC, connect to external screen, charge the phone, still no resolution. just stuck at the same screen. and its been like an hour now.Please advise.Thanks

Why is my phone not updating

Hello guys ️I don’t know why I tried many attempts and I could not update it. I tried to update the device from an external link and I was unable to update it also knowing my device is Chinese style I updated my Android 9 device

Alidre by Star I
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eye pain from the screen

Will there be DC dimming (or other equivalent) to eliminate screen flickering. My eyes get tired of my smartphone

Jopsik by Star II
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Rog 2 is crashing down

When ever I open any software regarding camera app. And open to scan or take a photo phone instantly crashing down.

Gamut of black point shift at 120Hz and 90Hz

Does ROG units have gamut value shifts while switching refresh rates as apps like google assistant, youtube music, youtube, etc with dark mode on tends to be dark grey at 60Hz at lowest brightness and pitch black at 90Hz or 120Hz till 10-15% brightne...

Vamp by Zen Master I
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Game screen flickers a lot while recording through Game Genie

I used to record my gameplays in Pubg and CODM. At first it was good for CODM. The recordings are great. For Pubg while recording the screen is not stable. When i touch the screen, it starts to flicker a lot. Not the same problem happening for CODM a...