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Rog phone 2 Reboots itself and poor speaker

My Asus Rog phone 2, tencent version keeps crashing with games and sometimes it shuts down when I'm just browsing. Secondly the speaker sound is very poor. I got it used but no sign of tampering on the phone so what could be wrong with the speakers.

Outdoor mode automatically stays on

Rog phone 2 sound issue when outdoor mode is off if i start some app it switches directly to outdoor mode on and it does not show it is on.please helpAlso only restart fixes it but again it comes back

Asus ROG Phone 2 Hanging

My phone is completely frozen, i.e neither the buttons nor the screen is working, It is completely unresponsive.It's been stuck for about half an hour with absolutely no response. Is there anyway I can fix this?

Request for a new product launch !!

Hello team Asus , as a first user of Asus Rog 2 i have never been so satisfied with the product and service from Asus , as this device has far exceeded the expectations + fullfilments of every user needs.. I thereby request you kindly release an actu...

img-20200708-114921-235.jpg img-20200708-114917-467.jpg screenshot-20200708-114353501.jpg screenshot-20200708-114408774.jpg
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Left air trigger not working in ROG Phone 2

The air trigger used to work fine for me but recently from last few days am facing problem in the left air trigger. I can clearly feel multiple haptic vibrations as if the censor senses multiple touches and the scope get in and out, in and out making...

Microphone not working after update

My in buit microphone has stopped working and when I plug in my headphone, it isn't supported as well. My voice is neither being recorded nor being send be it a game or even phone call. At first I was able to hear what the other person was saying ...

screenshot-20200707-214338.jpg screenshot-20200707-213139174.jpg screenshot-20200707-213006760.jpg

Rog2 restart issue, display burn, light bleeding

As i mentioned in the title, am facing all there issues within 6months from purchase. Am very much disappointed, actually i was my dream gaming phone. But now i have to go through all these things. I want asus to look into this and provide me a solut...

Android 9 also restarting

Previously I was in A10 latest stable and I faced restart issue for any game while playing.So I have even downgraded to android 9.Still I am facing random reboot issue when playing pubg.During the in-game update today, mid of the update phone stared ...

Face unlock

Face unlock working properly but how my brother can unlock with his face identity. Why its open also his face identity????

Audio delay more than 300 ms

I just found a way to prove that the delay is more than 100ms which is a concern to me and other users. How to test delay?1. Download a game called "Beat Blade" from playstore.2. Open settings ingame and click on offset settings. 3. Test audio delay ...

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