Display Blacked out. (ROG 2 Global)

AurkAurk Level 1
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So i was scrolling on instagram for while on bed. After which i kept my phone on my bed to get ready to go out. I picked up the phone and kept it on my pocket. I took it out to see the top left side of the screen turn black and blue around it. I tried googling to find whats the problem or if its a bug. Slowly i noticed my entire display turning blue. My display was dying. The touch was and still it working completely fine. Nor are there any crack on the screen. I rushed home to back up my data. I restarted my phone. It didnt seem to do anything. I factory reset the phone as well, no improvement. The display slowly turned dark entirely, still responding to my touches. I can hear apps open and also answer calls if i manage to click on "answer call" on the black screen. Nothing is visible but the touch works and so does everything else. Will this be covered under my warranty? Where should i contact to get help. Asus service platform is shut since a day now. I am located in Mumbai India. Please provide me with a service center i can visit in my area.


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