ROG Phone 2 problem with site access

Hello everyone, I’m very pleased with the phone, I really like Gorilla Glass and all games work stably. But I have some kind of bug, I can’t access some sites after the April security update. Has anyone encountered such a problem?


  • Which sites are you talking about? We can try and see if its a problem with the phone.

  • nannyflipnannyflip Level 1

    sry, forgot to add an example -

  • nannyflipnannyflip Level 1

    And this sites I can't access to -,,

    Any ideas guys?

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    @nannyflip Are you using Chrome? In that case, try opening the same websites from your PC using Chrome and see if you can connect. Also check if you can connect to the websites you've listed by using an Incognito tab on your phone.

    Also, it it happening when using wi-fi, mobile data or both?

  • nannyflipnannyflip Level 1

    Thanks for the advice, the situation is as follows: I was able to access this sites:, through incognito and wifi mode, these sites: showed a certificate error. Through the mobile network, this sites do not open at all and I noticed that some applications stopped opening.

    I think to take the phone to a service center.

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