Asus 6z frequently shutting down

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So I bought this phone 9 months ago and this phone started hanging,switching off and glitching from january.So I went to the service center and explained the issue and they kept the phone with them for a few days and downgraded my android version and gave it back to me. When I came back to my home the issue still prevailed on the same day.So I contacted the asus team they said the go to the service center again and due to the covid crisis and lockdown I could not go to the service center again and I am stuck at my village right now. Now a days the phone is hanging a lot.Once in a six hours it will hang for sure.I am living in distress daily that my phone will switch off and sometimes the sim card signals goes off and I am scared when that will switch off. Sometimes it will shutdown and restarts after a halfday or one day and because of this hanging issue there was a situation a few days back.I never even charged my phone with any other chargers or any other adapters nor there was any power fluctuations when I was charging and I never overcharge it like overnight charging or something like that still I don't understand why this happens. There was an emergency and I was home alone and my phone hung up at the same time and I was helpless.I tried to switch it on and it did not respond so I went all the way running to my nearest relatives. That's it I'm seriously done with this phone.I thought one day this is going to be a serious issue and it did happen.Seriously I am done and it put me on risk too.So I am not willing to continue with this faulty phone so I request you to please take my phone away and replace it or refund me.I am not willing to risk my life in future because of a faulty phone and I want my refund or replacement back as soon as possible.Please I request you to replace or refund me back as possible before something serious happens to me.I am ready to give a consumer complaint too. So I request you to help me with this faulty phone and please please take this faulty phone and give me a new one or refund it.

Many people suggested me to buy oneplus but I chose ASUS and atlast I deserved this.


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