Screen issue on the Zenfone 5z

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Does anyone have the same screen issue as mine? It only happened when my phone have been on for a couple of hours(even when the screen is not in use)


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    Screen burn can happen on LCD mobile screens, although it’s rare and more difficult to fix since LCD pixels work very different from OLED versions. When screen burn happens on an LCD screen, the results are more likely permanent. However, you can still try using LCD Burn-In Wiper, which cycles colors similar to the OLED versions in an effort to get the pixels working again.

    If your screen doesn’t get any better, contact your nearest asus service centre quickly to find out about any screen warranties and if you qualify for a replacement.

    • Few troubleshoothings or workarounds :-

    Get rid of menu, status, and navigation bars: Image retention can happen when you are actively using an app that has a permanent bar for tools or notifications, like when you’re playing a game or watching a movie, for example. When these bars don’t disappear, they cause screen burn after long sessions. Look for options to hide these icons and tools after a moment so they aren’t always present. Immersive modes from OS will also do this.

    • Enable dark mode: 

    While it’s not a guarantee against image retention, using dark mode on your mobile device can help reduce the risk, particularly when it comes to overusing brightness levels. You can also try choosing dark keyboard skins.


  • It started to happen with me after the recent update.

    Same thing is happening how can multiple devices be affected at the same time?

    This was not there before and I am sure about that noticed it the day after the update but ignored but right now it is increasing ....

    Basically Chrome Tab List is the one which I can too see for the longest :(

    Don't know what is happening ... In case a screen needs to be replaced can someone we should be prepared ... can someone help with the cost needed to get the screen replaced at authorised service center for Azus Zenfone 5Z?

  • See this ... Previously people have faced it due to Software Update same is the case with me too :(

    Here it is :

  • This is not software issue excess use of phone at higher brightness causes this screen retention read this 👇

    Also it is not permenant problem so try not to use phone for few hours and always use dark mode everywhere in system this burn in or screen retention will automatically dissappear dont worry 😊

  • I have been using my phone in dark mode since day 1 it got introduced in Android 10 ... The device rests at 46% brightness level most of the times ...

    Additionally this device is not dropped or nor mishandled ...

    But out of nowhere after the update i start to see chrome menus flying on the top even after closing the app.

    Yes I understand that this is screen retention and not screen burn but it can be tweaked with software as well so a bug or slight change in config may have caused this issue in the first place.

    I am not denying your solutions but the reasons of not using phone for sometime is *lame* this is hardware which is made to function and not using the device for few hours does not justify the service I paid for, It's like someone telling you don't unbox the product after you purchase it -_- !

  • I totally understand and want to tell you i faced this issue alot in .70 but after .87 latest firmware for me this retention is automatically invisible so i think they had worked on it and tweaked retention problem in .87

    I feel you have no option than to give some time for display to adjust itself as it is lcd panel every panel can face this problem and also i belive that for you as well rentention will totally be invisble after some time


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