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I have an ASUS VH-198S LCD monitor with the correct screen resolution of 1440 x 900, and the embedded graphics in M4A785TD-V EVO mothrtboard. This monitor does not have any specific drivers from the manufacturer, and Windows 7 installs its generic driver, monitor.sys. The monitor has an EDID information, but Windows must fail to read it, even if it is specified on the AMD Vision Control Center (13-9-legacy_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc_whql), it selects 1280 x 960, and the correct resolution is not even shown as a choice, both on Windows and the AMD Vision Control Center. It is impossible to select the correct resolution in any easy way.

 I tried several resolution changing applications, but with the same result, they do not show the 1440 x 900 choice.

 Then I tried to change the resolution in the registry, When I rebut, at the end of the BIOS, when starting loading Windows, the monitor shows a notice "Auto Adjust..." and the screen shakes just a bit. This appears most of the time I reboot, but when it finishes loading there is no change at all, the resolution is steel 1280 x 960, and is not added as a choice. I check the registry and the values I entered are sill there. 

I have had this monitor for a few years, and this is not the first time it happens, but in a couple of days it used to set by itself. However, it doesn't happen now, it has been like this for almost two weeks. I had an LG TV-Monitor connected through HDMI. The computer sets the right resolution for the LG but even disconnecting the HDMI cable and restart does not solve the issue with the ASUS VH-198S LCD monitor.

Windows does not recognize the ASUS monitor name and names it as generic. I also installed the, but when trying to start this application it gives an error notice: "This program can only run with ASUS monitor devices!" even when Windows recognizes the monitor. It only worked once.

I have tried to get help on help sites like Bleeping Computer, Windows 7 Help Forums and others without any success. How cam I force Windows to accept the correct resolution instead of this distorted screen, please?

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