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Hey all, I know it's very early for this but I have been following wild rift since last October and very excited for it, currently it's undergoing alpha tests in Brazil and Philippines, soon it will launch globally, and I'm sure it will be one of the most popular mobile games and one of the reasons for me buying this phone was for wild rift only.

I just wanted to convey the rog devs that it would be nice if they can team up with riot and provide us with some exclusive content for wild rift when it launches and also possibly higher fps support in future.

Also I saw that streamer akumoto was using rog phone 2 during his wild rift stream as well, it would be nice if you guys could share your possible game profile or settings to customize for wild rift when it launches.


  • Adding to this, the game was developed in unity and i just read about the news of recent partnership of asus with unity, so maybe there are hopes for collab of asus and riot games.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your feedback - our suggestion is to convey this directly to the Wild Rift developers.

    Any and all core optimizations need to start from the game developer, that would make the biggest difference.

    From ASUS side, we can do Armoury Crate performance profiles - but those can only take optimization to a certain limit.

    We've partnered up with Unity to support ASUS ROG Phone specific features directly in the Unity engine - however it still requires game developers to actually enable that integration to work. ASUS cannot do this step for them.

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