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Can anyone hint me a safe way to unlock and root the phone and find updates page for the accessories because I heard that you get taken away from asus update function.


  • They have software to unlock the bootloader. I believe it will void your warranty tho. Not sure about ota updates after root. Probably check out xda on that. Apparently I need to "be around for a little while longer" before I can post links but you can find the software at>rog phone 2 >driver and utilities. It's the only download that's listed under utilities. Same place you go to download manual updates

  • CenimmCenimm Level 1

    I can find system updates but I'm not really interested in that, I'm more intresserad in the accessories updates and if I still get them or where I can find them if I unlock the phone.

  • You can download the boot loader unlock tool from our website. This will void your warranty and you will no longer receive firmware updates automatically.

    You will still be able to download the latest firmware version from our website, which will include updates for your accessories.

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