Zenimoji on ZenFone 6

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Good morning, sir,

Would it be possible in a future ZenFone 6 update to add a zenimoji option in the camera 🙂



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    Yes and no ...

    No, it only uses the camera to analyse your face, and I can say that it is not really good on zenfone 5. Funny but not seroiously usable. Nowadays, competitors use a 3d analysing system which produces a better result.

    Yes, only if the integration is good : one click in a message app would send them. It's a turnoff if in a conversation, we have to go back to the homepage, open zenimoji, record the zenimoji, click on the share button, select the message app, return to the conversation and you have to do that for every single zenimoji you want to seend.

    And sincerely, ASUS lost credibility with that. without thinking about its video introduction ...

  • ZeniMoji is not supported on ZenFone 6 and onwards.

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