Suggestions for Android 10

1. Fix the sound problem- make it loud and clear like at the time of Android oreo.

2. Fix Haptic feedback vibration.

3. Add HD graphics for Pubg.

4. Fix unlocking issue.

5. Fix the setting suggestions issue.

6. Give the Files app by default.

7. Fix brightness issue.

8. Enable camera2api for installing Gcam.


  • Call waiting not working on android 10 beta 2

  • Call waiting service not working on android 10 beta 2

  • Hi vishalsr098,

    Please provide your firmware version: Settings > About phone > Build number.

    1. Fix the sound problem: Could you describe in more details about the sound problem? Is the volume lower in Android 10? Is the problem in speakers or headphones? What app does it appear in?

    2. Fix Haptic feedback vibration: Please go to Settings>Accessibility>Vibration& haptic strength

    3. Add HD graphics for Pubg: This issue is under investigation.

    We will notify you once we receive any update on this issue.

    4. Fix unlocking issue: Could you describe in more details?

    5. Fix the setting suggestions issue: Regarding the inability to remove the recommended Settings, after investigation, the Android 10 platform AOSP system does not provide a removal solution. In order to maintain the stability of ZenFone Max Pro M1 in Android 10, we will continue to provide the recommended Settings. If you have already performed the recommended settings, we suggest that users ignore them and we apologize for the confusion.

    6. Give the Files app by default: We can find the Files app in all apps list.

    7. Fix brightness issue: Could you describe in more details?

    8. Enable camera2api for installing Gcam: Do have a error screenshot? What's your Gcam version? What errors are you facing during installing Gcam?

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hi [email protected],

    Could you check if you've enable call waiting function? (Phone app > tap upper right three dots > Settings > Calling accounts > Tap your SIM card > Additional settings > Call waiting.) Please show us a screenshot of this page.

    If the problem still appears, please provide your operator name and show us a short video of the problem.

    Thank you.

  • My firmware version is QKQ1.WW_Phone-17.2017.2004.424-20200414 and I describe some issues in more details:

    1.      Fix the sound problem: the volume is much lower in android 10 as compare to android 8 Oreo. When I bought this phone the best feature of this phone was its speakers but thereafter its speaker volume kept decreasing after every update. So, I’m requesting you to please increase its speaker volume like before in next update.

    2.      Fix the haptic feedback vibration: the haptic feedback vibration is so high as compare to last android versions and also the unlock vibration is so high.

    3.      Fix unlocking issue: when you unlock the screen, you will see the lock is open then again lock then suddenly the screen is unlocked.

    4.      Give the files app by default: in this point I’m not saying about the google files app. I’m saying about the files manager app which was available in last android versions.

    5.      Fix brightness issue: when you increase the brightness of your phone you will see a point thereafter the brightness will suddenly high.

    6.      Enable camera2api for installing Gcam: After the installation of Gcam when I open the app, the app doesn’t open & after some time it shows the camera keeps stopping. I installed many versions of Gcam but I’m facing the same problem every time.

    i hope your developer team fix these issues ASAP.😊#asuszenfonemaxprom1, #android10

  • vishalsr098vishalsr098 Level 1
    edited May 20

    Hey [email protected],

    Call waiting function is perfectly working in my phone & I'm using Android 10 beta 2/developer version (424).

  • Y_ASUSY_ASUS mod
    edited May 25

    Hi vishalsr098,

    1. Fix the sound problem: Please specify what kind of sound is low? (Media/ System notifications or ringtone/...) Please tell us the app name/ app version/ music link. Is it lower compared to Android Pie?

    2. Fix the haptic feedback vibration: by unlock vibration, could you tell us your lock type?

    3. Please tell your lock type, does it happen with different lock types?

    4. We didn't find a file manager app in Android Pie. Could you tell us which files manager app? Did you download it on play store in the previous Android Pie? If yes, please provide us a play store link.

    5. Could you tell us how much is the brightness level? Please show us a screenshot if possible. Is the 100% brightness any different from before?

    6. Do you know the camera 2 api level on your device now? Could you show us a screenshot? Could you tell us your Google camera version?

    Thank you. 🙂

  • PrajapatiPrajapati Level 1

    Plz remove google contacts app and give us zenui contacts app.

    1. Can't manage contacts i

    n google contacts.

    2. Can't see which contact is store in which place (sim,cloud, storage)

    3. Deleted contacts are store again automaticaly.

    4. Duplicate contacts showing.

    So plz replace contacts app with other one like zenui contacts in android 10.

  • My Google Camera is perfectly working. It's 6.2 version

  • Hi Y_ASUS

    1. Media Sound is very low. In all apps like YouTube, hotstar, Amazon prime, etc..., speaker sound is very low. Yes its low as compared to Android pie but if you are compared to Android oreo it is very low

    2. I mostly use fingerprint & this problem is raised in all lock types

    3. It happen with all lock types

    4. I already shared a screenshot in my last comment.

    5. It is not possible to show screenshot of different brightness levels yeah but its little low from before

    6. It shows level 3 and I also shared a screenshot in my last comment of Google camera version 6.2

  • Please check camera in android 10

    auto stoped and required phone restart. Then only start working again and again craised in conference call


  • Hi sureshsharma1622,

    Is your phone ZB601KL or ZB630KL? 

    Please provide your firmware version: Settings > About phone > Build number.

    Please check camera in android 10: Please try clearing cache & storage of your camera and check again. 

    If behavior still appears, please tell us your camera version and show us an original photo of this problem. 

    Please also provide us the information as below:

    Rear/front camera, the ambient brightness, which camera mode, what camera settings( Screenshot the preview before you take the picture. Also, access the camera settings by tapping the upper right three dots and screenshot this page.)

    auto stoped and required phone restart. Then only start working again and again craised in conference call:

    Do you mean auto restart appeared in conference call?

    Please tell us the app/app version/ detailed steps you performed/ screenshot or short video.

    Thank you.

  • I am facing a new bug in my phone sometimes notification panel becomes white from the downside, I am also sharing a screenshot below

  • This bug is also present in nokia 6.1 plus and nokia 8.1

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