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1) Very poor Audio quality.

2) Low brightness issue. Even after setting 50 % brightness I'm not getting a good screen brightness

3) Cant remove the Google search bar from homescreen

4)Not able to remove recomendations from settings

5) Navigation bar width is large when display size is set to small ( Can be corrected going to developer options. But it needs to be fixed by default)

6) No HD option in PUBG


  • Hi nidhin3,

    1. For the sound quality problem, could you tell us does this appear on wired earphone/bluetooth headphones/phone's speaker? What app/app version are you using? Do you have a music link you can provide as an example? Could you describe in more details about the sound quality problem?

    2. We've checked with the relevant team about the brightness difference.

    3. Google Search bar cannot be moved > this is the Android 10 AOSP system original design. To ensure system performance and stability, we will keep maintaining Google AOSP system design settings synchronously on ZenFone Max Pro M1.

    Sorry for any inconvenience and we appreciate your support for ASUS products.

    4. Not able to remove recomendations from settings.

    > Regarding the inability to remove the recommended Settings, after investigation, the Android 10 platform AOSP system does not provide a removal solution. In order to maintain the stability of ZenFone Max Pro M1 in Android 10, we will continue to provide the recommended Settings. If you have already performed the recommended settings, we suggest that users ignore them and we apologize for the confusion.

    If the current experience is affecting your normal use, we would recommend that you downgrade to Android 9.

    Please refer to the links below:

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you for your continued support ASUS products.

    5. Please show us a screenshot of the problem so we can better assist you. Please tell us your navigation bar type. Does it appear when you use different navigation bar types?

    6. About Pubg graphics problem, we're looking into the problem. We'll notify you once there is any update.

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    1) Overall sound experience is bad in the latest Android 10 ASOP. I face the problem biggest with phone speaker. But Audio quality in wired and bluetooth earphones too need a bit improvement.

    A) The earpiece volume while making calls is very feable (Application : default google phone app latest version)

    B) Whatsapp voice messages are very feable and I can barely hear the message (APP : Whatsapp latest version )

    C) Audio quality in youtube has decresed a bit and for some videos the sound is a bit lower than earlier. I feel like the videos involving interviews,Reviews, talk show etc is affected the most while songs videos are not affected that much.( Zentalk is not allowing me to share a link)

    4) Recommendation is not removed even after I have completed the recommendation. For example I added face recognition but still it recommends me to add a face recognition. Please fix this issue.

    5) My navigation bar type is Gesture navigation. When I set the display size to small in settings there is a big black gap at the bottom. I have shared the screen shots below.

     If I set the smallest width to 410 dpi in developer options that black huge gap is reduced.

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