Porque Netflix HD, ZenFone 5z depois de atualizar para Android 10 passou a Netflix SD?

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Lembrando , esse problema não tem nada a ver com a situação de pandemia que estamos vivendo, pois sei que algumas plataformas de streaming reduziram o tráfico de dados...

Quando adquiri meu ZenFone 5z , ele estava com o firmware Android 8 Oreo, fiz o update para o 9 ,mas até aí tudo bem conseguia assistir a Netflix em HD , depois de atualizar para o Android 10 , a reprodução de vídeo ficou em sd ,mesmo eu tendo plano HD, não tendo feito root , a certificação que era L1 que permite assistir vídeos em Hd , caiu para L3 , e não adianta limpar cache, desinstalar app e etc por que isso não vai resolver, e isso foi bem antes da pandemia heim.

Mesmo com inúmeras reclamações que passam das mil reclamações , tanto aqui no fórum , quanto na Google play na página do aplicativo da Netflix, como até agora nada foi feito pela Asus? Todos tiveram esse problema ao atualizar para o Android 10, não quero fazer downgrade para o Android 9.

Preciso saber por quer não resolvem esse problema , ou se pelo menos estão tentando resolve-lo ou se já tem alguma previsão.

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  • Translating to english can help you to understand clearly above post 👆this is know issue since android 10 installed for 5z from january many users reported it but issue is still there

    Hope for a solution @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Y_ASUS


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    "Remember, this problem has nothing to do with the pandemic situation we are experiencing, because I know that some streaming platforms have reduced data traffic.

    When I bought my ZenFone 5Z, it came with Oreo firmware, I update it to Pie, and until then everything was fine to watch Netflix in HD. After upgrading to Android 10, the video playback went to SD, even my signature being HD Plan. didn't rooted, the certification was L1 before, that allowed to watch videos in HD, dropped to L3. There's no use in cache cleaning, app reinstallation, and so on...because troubleshooting will not solve, and this happened way before this pandemic.

    Even with countless complaints (thousand complaints), both here in the forum, as in Google Play in the Netflix application page. How ASUS haven't fixed it until now? Everyone had this problem when upgrading to Android 10, I do not want to downgrade to Android 9.

    I need to know why they don't solve this problem, or if - at least - you're trying to solve it or if you already have any prediction."

  • In order to check the widevine certificate go to play store and search for "drm info" app. Open the app and see which category it has been showing. If it is L1 then its okay and if its L3 then there is a problem with the devices or your app because my 5z device does support L1. See the screenshot below.

  • He is saying device supports n shows L1 no doubt but playback in app is L3 only SD playback is seen HD content cannot be played since updated to A10

  • Hi

    This issue was resolved from our side together with SoC vendors on this version;

    Please ensure you have updated to this version first.

    Uninstall Netflix - and re-install Netflix as well.

  • @phillipe moderadores responder ao seu problema é

    Oi Esse problema foi resolvido do nosso lado junto com os fornecedores de SoC nesta versão; Verifique se você atualizou para esta versão primeiro. Desinstale o Netflix - e reinstale o Netflix também.


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