Low quality of Polish service support

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  3. Model: ASUS VivoBook S14 S432FA 
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Detailed description:I bought a great laptop, after 3 months one key dropped out. Cracked key clip. And now the funniest XXI century, the service tells you to send the laptop, and suggests replacing the entire keyboard and estimates that the average waiting time is 5 days. I honestly doubt that in 5 days, but it doesn't matter, I asked for the key button itself. I can't quit working on my laptop I don't have other one. Why service of ASUS during the epidemic, is so conservative? I sent photos (very good quality) of what happened, I'm not a user of level 1 on a scale of 10. Wow Asus - great job! I'm just wondering, if in other countires service responding in the same way?


  • Hello Igor,

    If you wish to let us repair the device for you in our official service center, 5-days is really a normal average.

    It takes time to ship the device to service center and also ship it back to you.

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