Battery Draining so fast

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After the android 10 update the battery is draining so fast. I turn off locations,background apps,backlight still it barely stays alive a day.

I charged my device to 98% and played pubg for like 54 mins. now my battery is at 56% . Isnt this wierd for a 6000mah gaming phone?? Please help


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    please be more specific for the pubg armoury scenario or profiles?

  • Didnot change any profiling in armory crate.

    They are default

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    Did you update to last A10 update? Battery improved notably.

  • Yes i updated it to the latest version. and yesterday also got a FOTA update of around 185MB. Updated that too

  • Yes battery is draining fast and phone is heating up

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    I don't know what it could be. With latest update I got significant battery improvement. And some other users too.

  • Heating is normal but battery draining is really abnormal. My battery is drained 15%/h when i play pubg which is pretty good. Its drained 5%/h screen on time while youtube and 0.2% while screen off. I would say its pretty incredible battery life. I get 12 hours of youtube with 28 hours of combined usage which is fantastic battery life so i dont know what you are talking about.

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    @ishaan.gupta10 .... i presume Factory reset would definitely work..... Some apps might be draining your battery. After the last update of 185mb my battery backup is good now. Even heating is gone... Cools down fast after playing high graphics games. While charging with 30watt charger heats up a bit but it's OK...Max goes upto 40-41℃.

  • Yes... battery is draining... 😞 Thought the new update of around 185 mb will change it but nooooooo....

  • @Sourabh @Akash Gupta @ishaan.gupta10 @sathish05durai,

    Guy I had exactly same issue till tomorrow. Device usually heat more than it should, even in apps like web browsers, social media apps etc. And i wast only getting SoT of 6:30-7:30hrs, which considering my usage is 1:30-2hr less. (Previously i was getting 8:30-9:30 easily).

    So here is possible SOLUTION:

    Today morning, i let my phone die completely to 0%, and allowed it to auto shut down, then I put charger back on, and started device @4-5% charge, kept it on charge till 100%.

    (ps: i noticed that during discharging phone stayed @1% for freaking 15mins, i had to activate NFC LOCATION XMODE FLASH LIGHT, to kill it to 0%, so that makes sense that definately something was wrong with % calibration)

    This of course you may already know as BATTERY CALIBRATION, and it worked. Not I'm sitting at 4:30+ hr SoT @60% charge also Device no longer heats that much. (With 120FPS, bluetooth on all the time and on Wifi, brightness at 75%+)

    I know its weird, battery calibration should fix BB but how come it reduced heating, I don't know. And THATS WHY I'M REQUESTING YOU ALL TO TRY DOING THE SAME AND PING HERE IF IT WORKED FOR YOU!

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    Basically PCMark battery test makes the same calibration. I was running that test 4 times (overnight) since A10 update and every time battery life has been improved. I did it in first place because after A10 update battery life got shorter comparing to A9 so I wanted to check.

  • I am A9 user I am getting this battery backup.

  • Hi @ishaan.gupta10,

    when you say that your SOT(Screen on Time) has gone down, can you share the SOT after trying the below:

    1. Charge the battery to 100% & use as per your normal usage pattern

    2. When the battery strength reaches 10%, go to settings = Battery => Tap on the battery icon & share the graph

    3. settings => Battery => Check the screen & share the same

  • Is this a good battery to have ? I have charged it to 100 percnt and haven't used it for 3 hours straight (also it was on airplane mode )and battery drops to 97 percent . You could see 96 as 1 percnt dropped while writing this post and taking ss. I just want to knw that is it doing good or not . Thankyou , will wait for an apt reply .

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