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Bad screen-off Air Trigger sensitivity

Rising Star I

I've set the screen-off Air Trigger sensitivity to the maximum threshold but I still have the long-squeeze actions triggering in my pocket.  It's draining the battery.

It seems like higher humidity and also a fast impacting touch makes them trigger very easily.  If I press slowly, I have to press very hard.  If I slap my fingers down lightly, it triggers.  This is also easy to see in the threshold adjustment screen where it shows the registered level.  A fast press always shoots to maximum even when the grip is very light.  This makes sense for gaming, but not screen-off triggers.


Rising Star I

Actually, I just witnessed the screen-off two-button long-press trigger activate when I picked up the phone at it's top.  Nothing was touching the trigger areas!

I hope this isn't a hardware design flaw.

Rising Star I

triggers are a big problem, they don't work properly even in games, they start randomly when touching the screen, they stay stuck, I think it's a hardware bug

Yes. My trigger also gets stuck sometimes. Very frustrating when this phone costs 1500$. When I received the phone, only trigger problem was there. That time I had android 13. After updating to android 14, the phone doesn't feel as flagship as it should. But these are nothing software cannot fix. I hope. So Asus pls fix these issues and make this device the best there is. 

Star III

Yes, there is a problem with air triggers