Last 2 updates messed up charging

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I have tried asus usb charger and cable, so many other charger which work on other device the charging is so slow after awhile it just randomly stop, that means if i put it to charge over night, it will stop at half charged. Got the lastest update charging problem still remain

Sometime i get fast charge icon however it will switch back to slow charge


  • First of all charging over night is not recommended as it damages ur battery life 🔋

    Do u mean ur charging stops at half like 50% if u put it over night?


    Does ur charging gets slow after 80%?

    Also till what certain percentage ur battery fast charges?

    Did u tried changing charger cable and tried to charge? if yes what was result?

  • osxosx Level 1

    I dont always charge over night, the fast charge only last a short moment then it always charge very slow, and it stop ramdonly 

    I read from other forum maybe the usb port was loosened, i tried to rock the cable near the port, sure enough it would disconnect and reconnect then i search image of ASUS ZenFone 6 ZS630KL, i was shocked to see the usb port was hold by only 2 connects, normal should be 4, with this weak usb port over time the port become loosen

  • You have to take ur device to service centre for further examination to check what is causing the issue 😊

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