Rog phone 2 Feel like battery 3000 mah

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After update AD10 build 0230.2002.32

I happy with bug fix(lost mobile signal and auto shut down) from AD9.

But I feel very bad with battery life of AD10.

Please advice me should back to AD9 and found previous bug or wait for update fix AD10???


  • The update has enhanced the battery life tho , as mentioned by many of the users. The battery life depens on what apps we use in a daily life . My only suggestion to you is that you should uninstall apps which you might use rarely in a week , also apps related to wallpapers ,themes,batter savers, etc. takes a lot of battery juice , hence you find that phone battery is draining . RGB lighting , turn it off when not necessary like gaming this will also help you to keep your battery last longer , aslo do keep your battery on balanced mode . Switch off wifi , bluetooth etc when not required , also use airplane mode if you have a wifi while gaming if possible which might help you in increased battery life than 5-10 percnt . Personally I suggest you that only if you take care of your batter only then it's gonna last long , Asus can provide optimization but keep it up to the mark from own side is very necessary , I do follow this . Thankyou , hope this helps you :)

  • After the latest patch, in day to day usage battery has improved.

    Try uninstalling Facebook, Facebook is a big sucker of battery.

    Turn off Bluetooth if not in use.

  • Yes .. battery backup was awesome before Android 10 update ..use to get 8-9 hrs SoT. But now 6+ , never touched 7hrs ..

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