[200412] ROG Phone II_ZS660KL_WW_17.0230.2002.32

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Battery backup is very bad in latest update.


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    The update was released like a couple of hours ago

    You can't possibly be that naive to judge battery optimisation based on a single charge data

    Whenever you update your phone the phone needs to calibrate itself to the new firmware and that's the reason it heats up and drains battery faster, give it some time and it'll be back to normal

    Atleast wait for 2-3 charging cycles to actually comment something about the battery optimisation

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    Regulatory Labels is not corrected from A10 Beta10.

  • Using a Rog phone 2 here in singapore which was updated this morning with this update

    My sound is currently broken for multimedia (yt, music player and such) but when someone calling it has sounds

    What gives? 🧐🧐

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